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Weighing the Value of Predictions

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posted on Oct, 5 2008 @ 09:47 PM
We've all seen a lot of predictions from a bunch of different sources here on ATS. I've seen a healthy skepticism over the past year grow on them as one after one didn't come true.

Currently, we have predictions ranging from:

Aliens to Visit Alabama (laughed at)

Bill Deagle predicts major events this Tuesday (taken seriously):

Reinhardt predicts World War 3 (taken seriously):

Of these 3, the only one that has made predictions previously that actually came true was Reinhardt, so I can understand the serious nature that his latest predictions were taken with, but why do predictions from Bill Deagle and Bloosom Bloomchild (love the name) get treated differently here?

An initial skeptical, but not too judgmental approach to predictions I feel is healthy. If everyone believed every prediction that was made here then we'd all be a nervous wreck.

These are scary times indeed, and I suppose that we are now, more than ever, searching for answers and glimpses of what will come. But if we loose our objectivity we might end up detracting from the value of these postings.

I do want to finish by saying I neither believe nor disbelieve any of the above predictions, I treat them as just that.

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