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Funniest posts you've seen

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posted on Oct, 5 2008 @ 03:26 PM
Saw a post not long ago that inspired me to create this thread. Pretty self explanatory, if you see a funny post or a post that completely owns (owned in a nice, intelligent way) another it here (no iam not trying to break the number of times post is used in a post)

Anyway I will start it off

On a thread entitled, Evolution is a fairytale for adults"

The reply to the OP from SlyCM was

'If evolution is a fairy tale for grown ups...

...then I suppose creationism is a fairy tale for children.'

Thought it was absolute gold

Looking forward to seeing what others have to offer

posted on Oct, 5 2008 @ 07:43 PM
Here are a few of my favorite quotes by one of my favorite members....before she was banned.
I can't tell ya which thread they came from though.

--"I really think you're genuine in your belief that koala's do exist, but these are CLEARLY CGI"

--"I could go on but I am yawning"

And finally.....

--"I hope your vapid caveman viewpoint was meant as a joke, if not....HAVE HIM SHAVED, BATHED, CASTRATED and brought to my rooms!"


posted on Oct, 6 2008 @ 04:29 AM
Jedimiller getting pwned by mark harris

The following is my Dating history. 1985 - Took up homosexuality, cross dressing and stalked a Star Wars nut. 1985-89. The early years-- Ipersonated 4 girls, went to the dance with him, went to school with him. Dressed as numerous others went with him to the skating ring. Had a fake wedding in the courtyard with him. 1989-1991- High school years-- Pretended to be a gymnast and a counsellor. 1991- All grown up.-- Dated him 4 times in the 12th grade. Pretended to be his full time GF and 3 on the side, weekends. Went to the prom with him and moved in together. 1992- Just got married era -- Not much activity, but still managed to fool him 4 times that year. 1992-1998-The married years. No dating era. 1998-Divorce year--exhausting. Impersonated at least 100 girls(college). Lived as a karaoke singer named illiana, we used to sing duets together and we dated for about 2 years. went to the comic con together too. Not to blow my own trumpet but I was a most beautiful girl. He took me to a depeche mode concert in 1999. 1999- Ep1 Era. --Height of my faking experience! Pretended to be Natalie Portman for 3 days, or some might say a week. depends on how long you think spring break lasts. Well, You know the story. 2000-2005- Absolutely crazy -- [Fullfillment]. Worked as over 300 different girls at different times and different places. Mostly, meeting him at bars and bookstores..or celeb parties. Not to brag or anything. 2005-2006- Recovery era --dated a few, coffee or dinner once in a while. but not too much movement this year, because of exhaustion. 2006-2008- The fallout. I looked a little older but managed to stay cool with him. Followed him to Comic con brings back my Mojo in 2008. Lived as 3 or 4 cute girls, but to old to fake Natalie Portman again.

Now that was gold

Edit for my machine not knowing how to copy and paste.

[edit on 6-10-2008 by Azador]

posted on Oct, 6 2008 @ 06:38 PM
reply to post by Azador

Oh yeah

I forgot about that one.....I almost weed myself

I never seen so many stars on one post...

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