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A Different "Look" at the Tetragrammaton

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posted on Nov, 10 2012 @ 05:17 PM
Given this, the very ancient pictographic meaning of what came to be called Hebrew letters:

ALEPH An Ox or Bullock, a sacrifice or at-one-ment. Its numerical value is ONE.
BETH A House or Tent, a dwelling or tabernacle, in, among, within, etc.
GIMEL A Camel, like a camel's hump, heap, collect, high.
DALETH A Door or Gate, lid, valve.
HE Lo, see, behold, (therefore) a lattice or window for that purpose
VAV A Peg, Nail or Hook, therefore, wherefore, then, that, in order that, so that, etc.
ZAYIN A Weapon, a shining sword, brightness, light.
CHETH An Enclosure, fenced in, ark, refuge.
TETH A Serpent, like a serpent, rolled, twisted, entwined.
YOD The Hand, the right hand, to strike or pierce, a stroke, a blow.
KAPH The Hollow or Palm of the Hand, curved, concave, a valley or basin.
LAMEDH A Goad, towards, into, unto, until, upon, even to, besides, etc.
MEM Water, waves, a flood.
NUN A Fish, to sprout, to put forth, Noah, (as one from whom all are propagated).
SAMEKH A Fulcrum, prop, lever, to help, to sustain, to uphold, the hinge of a mason's apron, a ladder or line connecting the lower with the higher, the Holy Ghost.
AYIN The Eye, to flow, to flow out, a fountain.
PE The Mouth, to breathe, to blow, a side or quarter of the heavens, region, part, quarter.
TSADHE A Scythe or Reaping-hook, just, pertains to the harvest or retribution. Tsadok is Jupiter or justice (in Sanscrit, karma).
QOPH Occiput, back of the head, to move in a circle.
RESH Head, first, foremost, beginning, front.
Rosh means a foremost or most northern nation.
SHIN Tooth, a sharp rock, cliff, crag.
The Almighty (Shaddi) if seen from the front, but Satan if seen from behind.
TAU A Sign or Mark, cross, a symbol, a token.

Then we can see this:

He = behold

Yod = the hand

He = behold

Vav [Waw] = the nail

or "Behold the Hand, Behold the Nail" = Jesus the Christ (who else?).

posted on Nov, 24 2012 @ 02:02 PM
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