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native american battle fields

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posted on Mar, 24 2004 @ 01:17 AM
i was wondering if anyone has ever known were there was an native american burial ground and experienced anystrange phenomona? or maybe not a burial ground but a battlefield, end of a warpath, important point along a warpath either victories or a defeat in which one has noticed unusual things.

i have heard some unexplainable yells. numerous crying out howling and screaming voice making some the wildest noises i have ever heard. besides this the craziest night time noise that i have heard is that of sort of owl presumably a screech owl(quite shocking sound)

back to the to the native american warpath or burial ground this is difficult to explain because i have never heard anything like it. numerous eight or nine voices is my guess. howls, screams, cries, pure insanity.

one thing that i thought that it may be was a pack of coyotes and one was caught in a trap of some sort.
coyotes do sometimes live in packs, but are there vocal capabilites this immense? so far none of vocalization recordings match what i heard. a flock of screech owls? pro'ly not. don't think this was bigfoot. most of these yells were sort of high picthed blood curtling(sp?) screams like i said pure insanity. they also seemed to be coming somewhat spread out and also close together locations in a reasonble locale vacinity.

so any ideas welcome

peace out

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posted on Mar, 24 2004 @ 01:23 AM
One of my cousins lives near a NA burial field. Sounds like a mission for me to really check it out. Supernatural stuff like that is unproven to me.

posted on Mar, 24 2004 @ 12:54 PM
Yes i have been to a few, and have done ceromonys there with my Granddad who is a sioux.

I have experienced things but these are kept mostly secret in respect to our ansestors...

What i can tell you is that many have sat there all night in silence and have heard voices and seen images of elders in the distance.

Here is a link to a story you may find of interest to you.
about the the gounds of the EAST RIVER ROAD AT LAWRENCE AVENUE

posted on Mar, 26 2004 @ 05:23 PM
Not NA Indian Battlegrounds or Burial I have never been to America. However, I am aware of similar occurances upon locations of Battles and burial sites of my own people, NZ Maori here in New Zealand...

Having been to many and paid my respects to my ancestors who fought and died upon those land areas I can tell you I have experienced a number of interesting phenomenon at those locations. As do many of the locals living in the areas...from hearing sounds of battle, hearing Maori 'war-chants' and even seeing apparitions of Maori Warriors upon that land.

Other areas where such phenomenon are relatively common are on well-used trails between areas, which were often walked by Maori of the past. I grew up near one such area...and while trout-fishing there would regularily hear groups of 'non-existant' Maori walking/talking along the riverbanks. I doubt this was overly due to my apparent sensitivity to such a European friend who was fishing with me once also experienced the same thing and came running back up the river towards me completely terrified, begging me to get us the heck outa here...hahaha...

All good...fear the living...not the dead...


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