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‘Something really weird is goin’ on here’

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posted on Sep, 28 2008 @ 07:22 AM

‘Something really weird is goin’ on here’

Bivalve man convinced there’s spooks in his midst
By Brice Stump • Staff Writer • September 28, 2008

BIVALVE — In desperation, Vernon Trotter nailed a crude crucifix on the side of his house to keep what he calls supernatural forces from haunting the place.
It hasn’t worked.

Something, he said, is still coming into his house at night, leaving marks on the walls, floors, furniture, even their clothes.

“We moved here in 1996, and about six months later, we had stuff moving around the house and markings on the floors and walls. I couldn’t understand why these markings were here, until me and my woman got to talkin’ and she said it wasn’t her doin’, and I know it wasn’t mine, so that’s how we discovered these things were going on around here.”

Photos taken at night outdoors are equally puzzling. Trotter is insistent that the object in one photo, which looks like a can with cat eyes on he side, was not physically there when he and Sturgis examined the site after the photo was taken and reviewed.

“What you are looking at in that photo,” he said, “wasn’t there. That is not a can, it’s a person or something that can take on different shapes. It killed the grass where it was. Whatever it touches, dies.”
If true, this has got to be the most haunted place I've heard of. Kind of like a smaller skinwalker ranch

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