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Just because

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posted on Sep, 27 2008 @ 12:07 PM
Just because you have rights doesnt mean you are free from being violated.

Just because you have rights doesnt mean you are free from having to pay up for those so-claimed rights that are claimed you have.

If you have, then how is it you have to pay up for what you have? If I have rights, then I shouldnt have to pay for what I have!

Do you all see how we've been decieved by the whole judicial system with the lawyers they claim you are a fool not to have represent you? Well, hey, you're a fool for paying up for rights by having someone represent you, as if, they are your rights. What the hell is rights doing being a person (a lawyer) I have not? If they are my rights, then I shouldnt have to pay them, since it is said I have rights. Basically, lawyers are supposed to be already our's if they are our rights the courts act like we have to have so they wont disrespect us by treating us as fools. So lawyers should be our willing servants to do what we want without us having to pay for rights we are so told we have. See the conflict how the courts disrespect us for not paying for rights? This is so unamerican that the U.S. has written our rights which we have not until we pay up. Besides all this, the U.S. government still violates the rights because the rights dont stop violations none. Whatever violation will come, will come.

posted on Sep, 27 2008 @ 12:33 PM
In my opinion, there should be another middleman between the lawyers and the court system to tone down the way crooked lawyers present there cases.
Have a middleman that takes the case from lawyer A, makes up his theory on the case, same for the other side, then they represent the case in a neutral state and getting rid of the stupid mindgames played out today.
If the system was not broken, appointed lawyers would do just as well as the "OJ" type, multimillion dollar ones.
Just makes me angry that someone can be thrown in prison, robbed of a part of their life, even if they are innocent, just because they don't have enough money to pay up.

posted on Sep, 27 2008 @ 02:01 PM
^^Not a bad idea.

Just imagine if it was turned way around, and:

1. The lawyers didnt have to be paid for by any right-holders, but would get equal money with no favors attatched from the government...

2. The police (fed to state to local) had to be paid to come out by the complianer that's either the claimed victim of a crime or someone acting helpful for the claimed victim... (I mean, it's already a victim has to pay the bill for the ambalance that took them...)

In order to ensure our rights we dont have to pay up for the government would have to not use tax payer money to pay the lawyers, but use a money backed by the particular labor itself the lawyer should do in the best way possible. Then our rights would be truely free for us to truely have to express their facts, which are supposed to fight 'for' us in a court of law, after a violation we experienced or a plaintif's accusations we must face. The lawyer should be paid an equal amount. And the particular lawyer should be paid an extra amount, by the government's labor backed money, if they win the case for a claimed victim or a defendent. Or maybe, they shouldnt be paid at all if they lose a case for which either one they represent. Least then you'd know they'd care for money, if not for you, to put up a hella of an effort for you.

#1 could work, and work better than the way things are now. But #2 prolly wouldnt be allowed to pass into law.

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