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Faith in the People

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posted on Sep, 26 2008 @ 04:45 PM
With the NWO parading right in our faces, and with some 'conspiracy' theories turning into facts (more or less), it's time we start to get hold onto something.

Some people grab on faith.

That faith is usually religion, the belief in the teachings of ancient prophets, like Jesus, or Mohammed.

That faith can also be in some Buddhist teachings. Teachings on one's self, through meditation.

BUT, there are also many people that don't have any faith in Religion or such 'alternative' faiths, or even lost it.

How about starting to have faith in YOU? In ME? In your neighbour?

Now comes the times you tell me 'my neighbour? That backstabbing bastard that voted against me having a pet in my apartment?". And that's a reasonable point.

But when WE have a common problem, and that problem source is also common, WE put aside our differences, we join up, and fight to solve it.

Well, would you like some examples of that FAITH I talk about in the thread's title?

1783 - America, through the Paris Treaty, got the official independence from the British Empire. Do you really think Washington did it all by himself up to this date?!

April 25th, 1974 - The MFA (Movimento das Forças Armadas, Armed Forces Movement) brought to an end a 49-year Fascist regime instated by António de Oliveira Salazar in 1935. People, previously oppressed, when heard on the radio about what began to happen in the early hours of that day, got out to the streets in MASSIVE numbers to join the Millitary forces that were forcing the regime to step-down. Also thanks to that same People, this got known as the Carnation Revolution, where bullets were replaced by carnations in the end-part of machine guns. An almost-bloodless Movement!

2000 - The World Bank was forcing upon Bolivia a Water Privatization Law so that country would be elegible to be given a $25 million loan extention. All water supply would be controlled, distributed and taxed. Even the water that fell from rain couldn't be out of the control of this privatization! It came to a point where the People fought all sorts of Authorities, including Millitary Police, and where State of Emergency had to be declared by the Bolivian government to ensure the control of the situation. Even so, the People stayed and fought for their right to have FREE water supply without such fascist control

There are many many other momments in History where People made the difference. I'm sorry if I ignored other as-important momments, but I just wanted to make a point here.

So now, it's time I tell you: if the NWO does come to reality in all its wonder, join your neighbour, and your neighbour's neighbour, and so on, and...

FIGHT for your FLAG
FIGHT for your HOME

And maybe you won't even need to raise a fist. Just stand for yourself. You won't be alone.

If this kind of movement reaches everyone, the PTB will either face the truth and step-down from this attrocity (by ideal or by force), or they'll kill so many millions, that they won't have anyone left to rule. And they'll be alone, trying to rule one another (like a sports coach with an empty locker-room), until they end up destroying themselves.

And a new Society has room to be born, and grow. And teach our Children, first, how to NOT do things the next time. They'll figure out how to do things right.

Remember this:

Be free, or die fighting to be.

This is not a message for the Americans, the English, the French, the German. This is to EVERY CITIZEN in this big blue ball of life.

I hope I reached out to at least one person. If I did reach at least to some individual, my goal has been accomplished. Because he'll tell his neighbour. His wife. His husband. His kids. His friends. And the word is spread.

(The People is who most rules)

[edit on 26-9-2008 by Toorop]

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