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dream about a evil preacher.

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posted on Sep, 26 2008 @ 03:35 PM
i was in a hotel working on the road we did it allot.

Well i fell asleep
And i was in a old looked ole timey like something tore the place up.
had fire ect... in spot's.
looked to be book's that was on fire.

well i see a preacher screaming at a podium smacking the pulpit..
then all the sudden he turns to me..Screaming "DO you believe in god boy!!!"
i said depends what you are calling a god.
He then says here buy this bible from me and learn god's will.

I start laughing BUY your bible...i told him i would not pay for the word of god.

the preacher starts screaming blasphemer blasphemer!!!!!!!!
I knew you would burn in hel_ with the rest of us boy.
i started freaking like wtf...
then i turned to look behind me i noticed the shadow on the wall of the preacher wall large and freaky.
i then turned around to look at the preacher again...
this dude looked just like what the devil looked like in that movie.Legend with tom cruise.
And then he said" do you come on our own accord"
I said to where here?
He said no he said we got a better spot for you...then laughed
I knew that laugh meant he was full of crap.
I said naw i just go now dude.
Then he growled something wasn't any language i ever heard.

I walked out side the door of the church..i was in my hotel's walkway that lead to my room on my floor.
Accept everything was dull looking like dirty as heck.
i notice a guy getting beat at the end of the hallway..i say
"WTF a re you guy's doing get out of here"
they ran down the step's
i get to the guy..he said thank you...but then said"Who do you think you are i diverse everything they do to me"
it's my punishment.

i said what ever dude..walked down to breakfast lobby room.
saw a guy reading a paper..i got a cup of coffee..then i woke up.

now the next morning after i woke up..
i walked down stair's got coffee and cereal and a doughnut.
sat down was watching the new's.
i happen to look over..there was a guy reading the newspaper up to his face like in my dream ..i just went hmmm that's funny.
ate my up threw trash away i looked that the newspaper guy again.
it was the preacher from the dream.
i was like wtf...i never saw this guy before in my life..i don't even live in this state.
now i was kinda freaking.But not trying to show i was.

The new's paper/preacher from dream..walks over to through his trash away.says "Hi MyName see you around"
i was to shocked to say anything!!!
he walked outside and left.
I said who was that guy that just left to the lady at the desk.
She said i can;t tell you his name.
i was like i kinda figured blah blah blah.
But she said He comes in alot he is a traveling bible sales man for church's ect..

Either way freak stuff.

Btw im not even religious .
don't laugh to hard this is a true story lol

posted on Sep, 26 2008 @ 04:38 PM
I don't know if you believe in Elohim (God), but he communicates through the mind. when we have dreams like that we should listen. i believe you were correct in your dream to say you wouldn't buy the word of God. the only profit should be your own; a spiritual profit. the majority (like 90%) of the Christian religion has been taken over by the NWO. the bible salesman you saw is aprime example. a tool for Satan. but then again, if people don't believe any of that then... i don't know. i guess what im saying is there is more to the picture than just coincidence. whether you know it or not Elohim is speaking to you.

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