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Bailout Plan Stalls After Day of Talks

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posted on Sep, 26 2008 @ 01:19 AM
IHO, if the economy collapses, isn't hinged on a bail out. It all readdy has collapsed.

Should "negotiations" not be reached, is all smoke and mirrors.

There has been logical and real PLANS submitted to Congress that would resolve this BS once and for all. 3rd tier transparency is the key to establishing assets. Not the word of criminals who are modern day Court Jesters.

If Congress allows the FED and Exec. Branch to push them around over this issue, all that will result is one last stretch of minimal time for the last few real assets to be sucked away from what is left in non-elitist wealth.

I can't fathom ever repaying 10 trillion. I think the Congress should force complianc, eliminate the FED, imprison those who gained from sub-prime and other fascades that have bankrupt the Citizen, and attach a windfall tax to the FED (retroactive to 1913) that includes interest and penalties, which would most likely eliminate any interest on borrowing monies that had not been earned, only leaving a small profit percent for acual real cost of printing.

If the IRS can retroactively do this to hard working Americans, Why not to those who have pushed us to the edge of the cliff?

Which brings up another Congressional bill that should be voted into law along with the elimination the FED. the IRS. Get them out of here.

The last thing would be to (again retroactively) overturn the tax free status of persons leaving the private Corporate to accept positions such as Secretary Treasurer when they cash out millions upon millions tax free when making the transition.

If THESE issues were RUSHED through, then they could get the VETO overturned before concluding the session just as easily as they could rush through the elitist's porpsals.

If that can not be accomplished, then Just disban the Congress all together and let the people vote on each of these major issues themselves.

Or, dismiss the current session and let them think about it over the holidays.

If all goes south in the meantime. We are no worse off than have been since the 15th.

posted on Sep, 26 2008 @ 01:30 AM
reply to post by Mercenary2007

Merc, it doesn't do any good. I don't like McCain, but compared to the other choice which scares me to death, his supporters do as well, as judgment and unbiased thinking is generally outside their range.

The Democrat leadership challenged him to come to Washington, thinking he wouldn't, and he did. They never had a deal, and right now, if McCain doesn't come up with a viable solution, there won't be any.

Conservatives and Liberals alike hate this bailout. The only ones for it are a few senior Democrats and diehard, blind-to-the-end Obama supporters.

Hey. Cool avatar.

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