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The Purpose of Freedom?

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posted on Sep, 25 2008 @ 02:27 AM
You can't fight for something that was never yours to begin with.
--Alan Watt

I open this topic with the above quote to ask the question: "What is the purpose of Freedom, from the points of view of Elites? As our Republic ends and our police state begins, why, considering our Founding Fathers were Freemasons and Benjamin Franklyn belonged to the Hellfire Club, did they erect a society where ordinary citizens have rights? If Freemasonry's overall goal is a Global Panopticon Police State, then why would they build America, have free elections, a Bill of Rights, and a "free market" and so on?

I postulated that in between astrological ages, the Elites create reforms and democratic institutions to create flux and change as they go from one system to another. Going back through history, I remembered the famous Athenian Democracy, which allowed a myriad of ideas to flourish. This Athenian Democracy, and the philosophers contemporary to it, occurred as the Age of Aries was giving way to the Age of Pisces. Then, as the Age of Pisces ground under way, the Roman Republic gives way to the Roman Empire, and then we have the Dark Ages, and a feudal system that lasts 1500 years. We don't get Democracy until 1776.

Upon reflection of this brief overview of mainstream history, I asked the question: "Well what happened between the Age of Taurus and the Age of Aries? Was there a Democratic flowering then? Assuming, as my hypothesis went, that Democracy and Freedom is allowed to flower between ages in order to get creativity flowing and grease the wheels of Progress in this multithousand year business plan, what would history say? The target time, that of between the Age of Taurus and the Age of Aries, would be about 2400 B.C.

The results were astounding. A cursory Googling gave me these results, from Wikipedia:

Urukagina (reigned ca. 2380 BC–2360 BC, short chronology), alternately rendered as Uruinimgina or Irikagina, was a ruler (énsi) of the city-state Lagash in Mesopotamia. He is best-known for his reforms to combat corruption, which are sometimes cited as the first example of a legal code in recorded history. Although the actual text has not been discovered yet, much of its content may be surmised from other references to it that have been found. In it, he exempted widows and orphans from taxes; compelled the city to pay funeral expenses (including the ritual food and drink libations for the journey of the dead into the lower world); and decreed that the rich must use silver when purchasing from the poor, and if the poor does not wish to sell, the powerful man (the rich man or the priest) cannot force him to do so.

Urukagina's code is perhaps the first recorded example of government reform, seeking to achieve a higher level of freedom and equality. It limited the power of the priesthood and large property owners and took measures against usury, burdensome controls, hunger, theft, murder, and seizure (of people's property and persons); as he states, "The widow and the orphan were no longer at the mercy of the powerful man". The text describing Urukagina's reforms is also the first known use of the word freedom, in this case the Sumerian ama-gi.[citation needed

Urukagina was the first in Babylonian recorded history to, as they say, "govern government."

Having read fragments of Ayn Rand, I was well acquainted with the concept that Freedom was necessary in order for the kind of scientific progress necessary to build the weapons to build the Global Police State, and the Founding Fathers gave us Freedom with the full intention that their descendants would pull it out from under us at the appropriate time. This is my thesis. And now, as we enter the Age of Aquarius, the stage is set for another 2-thousand year Feudal Dark Age.

posted on Sep, 25 2008 @ 02:59 AM
I must continue to explain my point further. That is, that you can't have scientific progress by locking Galileo's up for scientific finds contrary to a Church or a Priesthood. That, in order to achieve the kind of progress necessary to build a Cathode Ray Tube, you must have a playground where people are free to discuss and bat new ideas around. You cannot conquer the highly disease-resistant continent of Africa unless you have a disease that "compromises relative freedom from disease," as Congress said in 1969. And you cannot cook up aids viruses without Watson and Crick and their genetic research. And you don't get Watson and Crick without Charles Darwin. And you don't get Charles Darwin, who was controversial enough as a thinker, without the freedom to express it.

The free market creates the kind of profit incentive to motivate people to want to make better inventions than the other guy. Competition, Freedom, Markets, good. Socialism, Feudalism, Bad, the argument goes.

But was this all just a playground? China has such playgrounds. We've heard of the free market zones, because the Chinese government knows that socialism cannot stand. Nobody is going to want to create or do anything if nobody ever has the hope of reaping better rewards than the rest. Why would they? Any trip to Walmart to buy a weedwacker from China proves my point. Free market economics and liberalism has proven to be the platform upon which better products are made and science proceeds.

But what if it was all just a ploy? To convince the public that they are free so that they will be motivated to go out and invent things? Notice how it is not the Artists that are rewarded in our society? As an artist, I can attest to this. No, it is the Engineers and the Scientists, them who come up with new ways to track your fingerprint, track your brainwaves, track your ID, track your retina, and new ways to microwave you or HAARP you if you disagree. It is not me who is rich. No. It's Them.

Now that Newton brought us the lens and Maxwell brought us the equations and Edison and Nikola Tesla brought us the electric motors and currents, all the ingredients to a Homeland Security Retinal Scanning Camera have come together. Now, they have no more need for freedom. It is time to grow up, become adults, and get out of the playground, to put ourselves in the minds of the Elites for a minute. Now is the time to get on with the real game, which is back to the old God-King complex. Now, with even better science than Egypt, Greece, and Rome put together, we can really be Gods like never before, and build a pyramid that is even more stupendous and grandiose than anybody has ever dreamed of. To rule with perfection so Absolute that the people won't even know they were enslaved. In fact, they won't even be people, but perfectly engineered cyborgs. To perfect that which is imperfect, as the Hight Masons say.

Is this what our Freedom has been really about? Watching reruns of Simpsons episodes as we go down in flames? Is The Biggest Loser the Omega Point that all this Progress led to? Is the creation of AIDS and other laboratory virus the real purpose of Illuminati-fake freedom?

We need to be discussing these things among ourselves. We need to be re-considering our history, who our Founding Fathers were. Most important of all, we need to stand up and say, "No! We really DO have inalienable rights. We DO have the right not to have our doors kicked in by black-booted goons with black baseball caps saying ICE or DEA or FBI or SWAT or RAIDERS, for that matter.

We need to be asking the question "What is the purpose of Illuminati Fake Freedom?" so that maybe we can achieve REAL FREEDOM.

posted on Sep, 25 2008 @ 08:37 AM
More Illuminatie Fake Freedom will come:

posted on Sep, 25 2008 @ 08:49 AM
The only freedom we all have, is to say we will not take part in the world that we have. Freedom is not buying a playstation.

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