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"New world order" straight from the leftist elites mouths RE Iraq and UN

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posted on Mar, 22 2004 @ 09:24 PM

Intervention after Iraq: the new world order and the Left
by Clive Soley with Ann Clwyd


One year on from the Iraq war, the left needs to find its own approach to tyranny, failing states and intervention - including making legitimate 'regime change' part of international law in cases of extreme human rights abuses - if a progressive critique of American neo-conservatives is to be taken seriously. A new approach would take action earlier and prevent debates being polarised between military intervention and doing nothing.

FYI the Fabian Society was the precurssor to the UK's leftist Labour party and is now the leading leftist think tank
in the UK.

Now whats interesting from this is 1. Again with the "New world order" from the elites 2. The left in the UK and America as is evident with Kerry and his "Progressive Internationalism: A Democratic National Security Strategy"
(Read leftist PNAC), are both promoting military action around the world to install internationalist "free trade" 'democratic'' governments although this time with UN involvment.

So whether we like it or not and whoever you vote for military enforced regime change (either UN military regime change or non-UN coaltion regime change) is going to be one of the key programs as the NWO steps it it up in the coming years.


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