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Genocide subtlety pursued under Islam?

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posted on Sep, 23 2008 @ 06:54 AM
There's alot of talk these days about arabic muslims and muslims being the fastest-breeding demographic in Europe and i've started to hit some mental roadblocks in my mind.

Are certain muslim ethnicities or more to the point do certain muslim ethnicities believe they only have the right to be muslim and to walk the earth.

If everyone went to sleep and awoke as a muslim would Arab and Pakistani ethnicity muslims stop breeding at the rate they currently are and projected to keep doing so?

If not why not?

After watching many youtube videos on the subject of Islam, One thing seems to stand out, An ingrained hatred of the west.

It this also subtlety an ingrained hatred against white westerners?? More specifically white westerner males.

Are white people being subtlety genocided of planet, Black people have been on the recieving end of this treatment throughout the 20th century and are still being killed by arabic and black muslims in Africa.

Is this a part of a long term plan by some (not all i'm not tarring every arabian muslim with the same brush) Arabic islamists? Do they believe as the first muslims they have the only right to walk the earth?

The agenda of Islam is to establish the world as an Islamist Caliphate, Once say this is achieved what happens?? and if this doesn't happen then what will happen??

Will non arabic muslims be blamed for what was meant to happen not happening?????

Will the ingrained hatred of the west and western people in Nigeria, Palestine etc. etc. suddenly vanish over night if we where all muslims???? Especially if there situation doesn't change anyway socially or economically even if the world was completely muslim.

Certain things don't add up.


posted on Sep, 23 2008 @ 07:21 AM
Oops i forget to add;

A basis for this thread really was after reading a thread on ats named 'More muslim babies needed for takeover of the UK' and after reading the links and the picture of the three pakistani asian descented men making the claims and i thought well why????

Why would you need more 'muslim' babies, surely wouldn't the better option to be to actively convert people to your religion if you want to enforce it's rule?

If you take away the veil of 'muslim' what it boils down to is 'we need more pakistani babies for takeover of the UK'

Another thing that niggles away is the pursual of honour killings by certain muslim ethnicities,

A muslim male will be permitted to date or marry any coloured woman outside of his faith,

yet alot of pakistani and arabic muslim women are not allowed to date or marry anyone outside their ethnicity despite even if the man was a muslim and they would be honour killed for doing so in the name of bringing shame on their family name.

So it does seem racism is widely practiced by some ethnic groups of muslims and could be seen as the basis for selective genocide. Or how i've seen it anyway.

posted on Sep, 23 2008 @ 08:15 AM
There is a portion of Islam that believes that only it should walk the Earth yes.

The usual response to this is the humane one, well most muslims don't feel this way.

As I see it however, no one in history complains either when the fanatical 1% achieve a victory

US Population 300 Million

US Army 1.5 Million .5%

So, I think Yes the west is in danger from Islam

I would personally, stop all immigration from any nation known to sponsor terorism or have signifiganbt dealings with religous authorities that promote cultural dominance via population

I would simultaneously stregnthen, national language and cultural expectations in Europe and The United States for New citizens and within the classrooom

I enjoy about America that we are of all cultures, it is a better place because of it.

But we made a HUGE mistake not forceing Language and cultural demands on new immigrants in this era.

America has never before encountered an issue of immigrants that wanted to come to America but did not wish to become American before...

I would halt it on a temprary basis and reevaluate how this is being done.


I'd get rid of abortion and set incentives for child bearing, includeing better tax breaks, maternity leave and food and other supports

Because we give money to bums but not babies

This has been very foolish to value money and materialism over people, we need children, this sort of thing from Islam would not be possible if we were having children

and I have no fears of over population

One in a few million is an Eisnstien we can fix all problems vis Human beings and creative inspiration

and to be fair

We cabn't blame Islam for this... they take advanatge to spread thier culture

But WE stoped having children, it was stupid and selfish and the result of a set of theories in the 60's about "personal freedom" and "personal satisfaction"

nothing is better than kids that love you and a strong family... nothing

we could correct this problem in Five years, with a whole lot of lovein

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