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Movies and Their Predictons

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posted on Sep, 22 2008 @ 11:10 PM
I bought a new movie yesterday, which I will be watching this evening. Actually I have started it, but I will be restarting it to watch it more closely. I have noticed that a lot of people site things that are happening or little coincidences that connect movies into our realities.

So I am bringing up the movie I bought. It's called 'The Black Hole'. Now I had never heard of it till I bought the movie. It was came out in 2005, and I think it might have been a made for TV movie.

The thing is it's about a larger Hadron Collide r, not unlike the once actually in the works. Does it surprise anyone that this was made? I mean, I know they knew one was made in 'real life'. So does making a thriller about the situation do nothing more than feed into the fear of the people of the world?

How much of these movies should we see as prophecies and such? Are we seeing our futures and making them into movies, or are we making the movies and predicting and programing our futures?

There was also a made for TV two part-er made a few years ago called Category 7. It was a story about global warming and Nuclear plants causing storms bigger than we could ever imagine. Are we trying to warn ourselves, but we are not listening to ourselves?

If we can imagine these things well enough to make movies, and we are able to visualize them, even in movies, don't we already foresee our futures?

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