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Finding the Path Back to a Sustainable Money System

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posted on Sep, 22 2008 @ 08:16 PM
Found this web site interesting. I dont know if it would work , but does bring up some good points.

" In “Working Girl,” that wonderful film about exploited “little guys” taking back their power, we hear an anecdote that’s relevant to our current financial fix. The story goes that a truck was stuck under an overpass, and none of the authorities called to the scene could figure out a way to get the truck through the tunnel. A little girl in a car that was stalled in line came up with the simple and perfect solution: let some of the air out of the truck’s tires.

Simplicity is usually the place to go for right answers. Our current manipulated financial crisis could actually be actually be solved by very simple simple solution. Let the excess air out of the financial system: the “fresh air” that modern money is mostly made of. Loans that have been generated based on false money (numbers generated on paper checks by banks, money that doesn’t exist) should be considered false loans that need not be paid back.

With this simple new policy, every nation’s national debt would disappear. Personal debt would disappear. Home debt would disappear. We would all be left with what we have, own and use, and it would be legally recognized as ours, not as the property of a bank. National debts would be forgiven because the money given to nations for loans never really existed in the first place.

We would wipe the slate clean and start back at zero. The cash currently in the hands of the public would be the last that is printed. Lending would cease, unless it could be done in greenbacks. Here’s an alternative solution: create bluebacks, a new currency, and make that the new medium of exchange, distributing $10,000 of it as “starter” to every American adult.

We’re told the economy will grind to a halt and a massive depression ensue if the government doesn’t bail out banks so they can keep on lending money. Why? That makes no sense. Why is the ability to lend considered the measure for a healthy economy? Our problem exists because of excess lending. Why is lending necessary to an economy, especially one that’s sick because it’s had way too much of it?

It’s a lie being told us to scare us into thinking we have to accept the scalping they have planned for us with the government bank bailout. Why is human productivity and the exchange of goods and service (the essence of “economy”) dependent on lending? Where is the harm if people produce and trade with the real products they have and can create, instead of trading with the fake fresh-air money the banks give in loans? The very nonexistent money that has caused our crisis?

How is lending more nonexistent money, or buying up debts of nonexistent money and charging taxpayers for them, going to solve the root of the problem, which is the nonexistent money itself? This “solution” is tantamount to a person who has a bank after them for failure to pay on a loan “solving” their problem by making the delinquent loan payment to the bank with a credit card. The banks won’t allow people to do that, because it’s clearly not a solution at all, just a forestalling of the problem. But now on the national level, we’re supposed to accept a similar solution as the panacea that will “save the economy.”

Read the rest of this here:

© Bronte Baxter 2008

posted on Sep, 22 2008 @ 09:55 PM
Around the globe, everything turns on both the GDP and debt of the country. It is very similar to how corporations measure strength, one of those being their borrowing power. A company that says it is worth $10 billion USD is not in fact worth that much, rather it is designed on the fact that they will accrue an amount in their gross revenue that will allow them to pay back the loan over time.

Also, the PTB keep the world under their perverbial thumb by keeping them in debt. As long as the central bank carries notes from the rest of the world, they are able to continue to dictate to those leaders. It is a control mechanism, pure and simple.

Free trade was never meant to be a debtor system. The mechanics were built into it, because it is an imperfect system and those have been exploited by the few to maintain control over the many.

In your scenario, it is much like the Star Trek world, in that there is no debt or income, rather everything is provided to everyone by everyone and everyone serves the greater good for mankind globally. It is not a perfect society, but it removes the burden of debt and allows everyone to prosper from a days labor. Unless I am remembering wrong, those that cannot physically or mentally contribute are still cared for because the society is globalized.

There are as many pitfalls as there are positives in that scenario, since there are still plenty of faulty mechanics built into that type of society for the the power elite to rally and abuse to control the masses.

In your deflation scenario, the fatal flaw is that it would have to be done on a global scale, since every country actually does in fact rely on every other country to survive. Trade is another aspect that keeps countries in debt to one another and regardless of how serene it may sound, there are just too many that will not go along with such a plan.

I applaud the fact that you are thinking about the greater good for mankind at large, it just seems a bit to eutopian for most to swallow.

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