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Survival in a police state

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posted on Sep, 17 2008 @ 06:24 PM
Well more and more America is becoming a police state. It's an Orwellian nightmare that shows no signs of stopping and is just getting worse. So how do you survive in this new world order police state that used to be the land of the free?

There are several steps one must take to survive.

1. and this is the most important rule DO NOT BREAK THE LAW Once you break the law, there is a chance that you will be caught doing so. If you are caught breaking the law, you are in the system, and the system does not want to let you out once your in it.

2. If you choose to break the law, you must realize that there are consequences to your actions. If you are willingly disobeying a law you must understand that you are committing a crime and may be prosecuted for such an act. Don't be surprised if your criminal activity winds you up in a jail room.

3. If number 2 is your choice or you insist that you are innocent
and you are stopped by police officers, you have some options what to do. Please read carefully as this will help you from being injured during your detainment period.

3a. Ask the officer for identification. An officer of the law will have no problem with giving you identification of who he is and what police department he is working for. Take this information down, and if able, verify it with the local police station. This will also let the officer know that you will comply with him if he cooperates with you.

3b. Be polite, do not swear, do not move quickly, keep your hands in plain sight. Answer all questions simply, yes or no if possible. But be calm. If the questions start getting around to something that you haven't done
remember your rights, ask if you can speak to your attorney or if you have one, tell the officer to please refer all questions to your legal representative. If you are poor and don't have the money for a lawyer, ask for a public defender and do not answer any questions until your lawyer is present.

3c.If you find that the officer is being overly aggressive with you, you do have a right to have the officer call for a representative from the county sheriffs office. Or vice versa. If you are outside of a city and are dealing with a sheriff, you can ask for a representative from the state police. DO NOT ASK FOR ANOTHER POLICE OFFICER FROM THE SAME DEPARTMENT. The reason for this is that a police officer from another precinct with the same jurisdiction can help keep an officer honest.

Remember, do not commit crimes, and if you are accused of a crime you didn't commit
flex your rights to the fullest extent. But do so in a nice and polite manner. Most law enforcement officers are not jerks, they are just doing a job. If you are polite and comply with them they more than likely will return the favor and treat you in a professional manner.

For gods sake do not do the following, this will get you arrested at best, or dead at worse.

1. cuss out the cop, don't do this. Cops are people, people like to be treated with respect.

2. be aggressive or overtly violent with the cop. This makes the LEO wonder about his safety and thus want to beat your behind to ensure his safety.

3. Threaten the police officer. This is a bad move. Do not under any circumstances threaten a LEO, these threats include even threatening the LEO's job. This makes the LEO want to hurt you or make your life much worse than it can be.

Thanks to the people of the United States being apathetic as far as our freedoms are concerned the government is allowed to do many things that would have made the founding fathers roll in their graves.

Any other advice to the innocent
post em here.

posted on Sep, 18 2008 @ 08:10 AM
reply to post by whatukno

Excellent thread!

Theres been a number of threads on here recently regarding what to do & how to behave when approached by the police and I think its vital that EVERYONE should know their rights.

Part of the problem, which has been said before, is unfortunately there are a number of police officers who decide to take the law into their own hands.

After reading a number of threads on here recently regarding police brutality I definately have a little less faith in the ability of our officers to keep us safe.

I know that might be slightly biased and I will agree that the majority of police officers are in fact good people, I suppose that as in any department/organisation/company there's always going to be good and bad people.

Anyways great post, starred & flagged!

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