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Prisoners Passage & Instruction

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posted on Sep, 17 2008 @ 06:54 AM
A statement for the kings and queens locked up by:

Troubles with Friends / Relationships.
Uncontrollable Spending Habits.
Overweight Situations
Feelings of Pressure or No Closure
Little Accountability or Diligence

This is to free all those I love. My friends of Earth.

I hear your distress. I see your debts financially and spiritually.
Rise from these fires that are fought daily,
For I will not provide the resources of commercial firemen,
But the power of water and wind of a hurricane.
The following are observations experience that make men and woman free.

This is to the brave.

Look no further, to see the bars that imprison your mind, it’s your place of sleep, work, and travel. Look around, and notice the posters and figures of false values and religions. Take these items down- every single one. Do this to the fullest extent. Leave religions to its public place.

Cleanse all chambers from all forms of idolization and cleanse to make the room or vehicle appear in a meditative state. Organize and align objects carefully, for each item calls at your mind and demands your energy! The less the better. Make television and radio for information and quick entertainment. Anything else is an emotional cage. Instead, read and write. Teach the soul of the nature and laws of the world. Be clean and dispose of all obsolete items. For unkempt premises comes before irresponsibility. Repetition will prove to maintain and be rewarding!

Acknowledge your bad habits. And defeat them!
For it is the undisciplined children controlling your mind.
It is not enough to quit a habit, it must be replaced.
Obtain a new habit that is beneficial to your body and mind.
But first be brave to research, and discover!
Discover the new habits and be logical in your pursuit, take note of time and money.

The invulnerability of prisons lie within the connections to imprisoned peers.
One can’t escape a prison with a social arrangement with captives.
Your beloved prisoners keep you in between bars and get you into new cages!
Break quickly the ties without consent.
Keep conversation short with them and do not see them until you are free.
For when you return, you will be presented with greater respect and adoration.

Do not deprive yourself of friendship, but make everyone yours by heart and mind.
For everyone has a piece on knowledge and service unknown to you, whether rich or poor. Be of acquaintance to those imprisoned, and of special acquaintance to those free.
One must still remain independent in any alliance.
Independence is shown through material & physical distance.

When you are free, display an exit to the others; Not through insult or bribery.
Speak of your experience and what you have gained, and they shall try the same!
If they do not, let it pass. For it takes the love of someone more personal to him or her to escape.

Obtain their mind through recognition. Acknowledge the beauty of their presence male or female. Do it simply as possible with a compliment or just a smile. Anything more will appear framed.

Obtain their heart by connecting to their positive interests and goals. Provide information that will help them in their journey, you will be as a guide. Make a day out of the week, month, or year depending on the relationship, to support their day. Be logical in this pursuit, take note of time and money.

Do not fall into petty quarrels, especially of relationships, politics, religion, and science. The only truth to discuss is a solution to the divergence. If suffering from personal attacks, leave your pride behind and explain your pain and how you have hurt. This transforms their hostility into guilt, the heaviest of pains. If you find yourself as the guilty party, write a letter to your victim, and ask for their forgiveness.

If any pain works at you from a relationship, let time and celebration be the bandage.

You will free yourself today. As a reminder to your instruction, you will read a quote by taping this to something you see in your waking hours. Do not be afraid of ridicule, for when your friends see you standing free among other kings and queens, they will ask for your insight.

Build something to this dedication- It will signify the power of your diligence.
Use a ring, bracelet, or jewelry- This will hold the spirit of your revolution.

Acquire something of life, plant, or animal- Let a new life manifest to your new spirit and power.

Repaint the rooms a very light color and make it smell beautiful- Restore your world.

Dress in neat fashion- You represent spiritual power.

Uphold the instruction always, or learn to unlock greater cages.

With love,


[edit on 17-9-2008 by '___'eed]

[edit on 17-9-2008 by '___'eed]

posted on Sep, 17 2008 @ 08:15 AM
Star and a flag.

Absolutely beautiful and inspirational.

I've been taking the mickey a bit on your other thread, so this is something sincere to restore the balance.

posted on Sep, 20 2008 @ 03:26 AM
Wow, I agree.. this is well written and touches on a lot of things of huge importance. People are literally trapped. I was in walmart the other day, and I'm REALLY not trying to be rude, but these 2 people were riding the motorized carts around, and their baskets were overflowing with total junk food. They were at least 400+ lbs each. And I felt overwhelmingly bad for them because I know they're not happy, but it's so hard to say no in a society where you do what feels good. The feel good isn't always the best. We HAVE to learn to say no, and make choices to do what's right for ourselves, our children, and this world. And that touches on a great many things as well.

Great thread! And thanks for the compliment on my thread as well. I hope our messages and those of many others are reaching the eyes and minds of millions. Keep it up...

posted on Sep, 20 2008 @ 04:02 AM

Here is a song that inspired my change of view in life.

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