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The communication excesses and the transportation failure

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posted on Sep, 16 2008 @ 07:32 PM
Unlike communication, transportation has doomed itself with the lack of innovation.

Cries of dependency on domestic and foreign oil by our citizens and government have become the sounds of broken records. Our energy problems lie within transportation, for there is where the bulk of our energy is consumed and dependence on foreign oil is crippling economies.
We need those who have the knowledge and wealth including our government to rethink the entire concept of making the world go around on wheels.

Other sources of potential energy need to urgently be explored; from magnetic fields; gravity and any other possible source of energy that surround us and we have not extensively tried to pioneer. Whether the future of transportation will be the ability to levitate using forces in our physical environment or any other possibility is for science to resolve but we are past due a major change of fresh ideas.

Common sense should tell us that we must get off the wheel or our present problems of energy, transportation and roads will never be resolved.

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