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alternative transporation dominated by major Fed/City of London players

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posted on Sep, 16 2008 @ 01:24 PM
In the past the major automakers, being primarily owned by the interlocking directorates (monopolies) of the Fed and City of London, conspired with the major oil companies -- also owned by the Fed and City of London interlocking directorates (monopolies) -- to keep alternative vehicles off the market and gas prices up. While the conspiratorial 'capitalistic' profit motive keeps car prices up way over cost in order to produce obscene profits for senior management and board members, it appears that 'new' alternative vehicles will be competitively priced with non-alternative vehicles -- again a result of Fed and City of London monopoly. Alternative vehicle pricing is based on central banking principles of fractional banking and 'INTEREST AND DEBT', and until we return the power to issue money to the public and take it out of the hands of private bankers, the PUBLIC TAX PAYER will continue to be robbed and fleeced of the fruit of their labor -- and alternative vehicles will be priced too high for must of us to buy.

also see:

from the alternative hydrogen society (Palo Alto chapter) 9/20/08 newsletter (I'll try to add excerpts from each mth's newsletter as they appear):

Alternative transportation is headed our way. Toyota moves deep hybrid Prius up to 2009. GM slates Chevy Volt deep hybrid for 2010. Five fancy electric sports car makers will start production in 2009. Wind car to cross Australia.

1. Transportation: Buckeye Bullet II set land speed record for fuel cell driven cars - 286.478 mph. 61 hydrogen refueling stations now in the US , 29 in California . Fuel cell vehicles from nine auto makers drove four thousand miles across the US during the Olympics. Greeks are building fuel cell scooters. Spanish team won the first Formula Zero fuel cell go kart race in Rotterdam . Nissan doubles stack power density, test fleets by the end of 2008. EU lawmakers approve rules for hydrogen cars. The cost of hydrogen fuel from wind would be $3.50 per gge. Chrysler, two mode EVT for SUVs. H2GO hydrogen fuel cell model car. Humboldt State hydrogen car. Ford fuel cell test vehicles above expectations. Ronn “Scorpion” 2009 production. Chicken and egg for H cars and stations, California Vision. World’s first H2 fueling station for ships. Best approach in a carbon constrained world.

2. Hydrogen Tech: Nanonets snare solar energy, now turn it in to H2. DOE - fuel cell cost reduction. Ohio State - H2 from methanol at low temperature. Germany - Manganese complex frees O2 from water. Russian cell phone charger. Australia - photo-oxidizing manganese cluster, sun and water gives H2. NanoSolar - gigawatt production machine for $/watt solar cells.

3. Government Support for H2: US, $16,000,000 for H2 research. NHA Fall Forum - H2 from renewables, Denver .

4. Global Warming and Oil Depletion: Wind power storage may go underground. Australian “Hot Rocks” offer 26,000 years of power. Fix high oil prices - conservation, exploration, innovation! How about hydrogen? China net food importer in first 1/2. Wind slated for 150 gigawatts by 2020. Xcel ditching coal plants - going to solar. Google killer app for geothermal power. Georgia Power – coal to biomass. EPA limits lawn mower emissions. Methanol fuel for cars? Massive Canada Arctic Ice shelf breaks off. Tunnels to bring water to parched California .

5. Fuel Cell Business: Fuel Cell Magazine - lots happening - no prices! Plug Power and Hydrogenics in APC market.

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posted on Sep, 16 2008 @ 02:05 PM
Had to flag it and star it.
It might small news for US readers (I'm not in US myself) but if US readers would consider that GB oil companies have a lot to say about fuel prices globally they would have flagged it too. GB can or is actively behaving like the problem space, US can or is actively behaving like solution space. problem is how you can control society. That is not a cryptic message for anyone who deals with programming languages..
I couldn't find a better parallel to use without me looking too conspiratorial.
"programming" is the issue here. Programming of the masses to conform to a given paradigm.

posted on Sep, 22 2008 @ 07:59 PM
Here's the Silicon Valley Hydrogen Society's 1st 1min youtube video. Hopefully they will make some video's of their hydrogen-powered house & car designs.


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