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Focus on Health Care - McCain Obama Platform

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posted on Sep, 16 2008 @ 10:13 AM
Health care is an issue that affects every citizen, as one of the wealthiest and advanced countries on the face of the earth, you would think that our citizens' health care would not be an issue.

Unfortunately it is, many without insurance, spiraling costs due to a variety of issues, and the overpricing of prescription drugs in relation to other country's for the same prescription.

So this is a serious issue and one each voter should take the time to read and get a grasp on what each candidate plans to do should they be elected.

Here you will find Sen. Obama's take on the health care issue:

Obama's Plan
Barack Obama's Plan

Quality, Affordable and Portable Coverage for All

Obama's Plan to Cover Uninsured Americans: Obama will make available a new national health plan to all Americans, including the self-employed and small businesses, to buy affordable health coverage that is similar to the plan available to members of Congress. The Obama plan will have the following features:
Guaranteed eligibility. No American will be turned away from any insurance plan because of illness or pre-existing conditions.

Comprehensive benefits. The benefit package will be similar to that offered through Federal Employees Health Benefits Program (FEHBP), the plan members of Congress have. The plan will cover all essential medical services, including preventive, maternity and mental health care.

Affordable premiums, co-pays and deductibles.

Please visit the link to read the entire platform.

You can also go here for the Obama healthcare platform in pdf format:

Here you will find Sen. McCain's take on the health care issue:

McCain's Plan
A "Call to Action"

John McCain believes we can and must provide access to health care for every American. He has proposed a comprehensive vision for achieving that. For too long, our nation's leaders have talked about reforming health care. Now is the time to act.

Americans Are Worried About Health Care Costs. The problems with health care are well known: it is too expensive and 47 million people living in the United States lack health insurance.

John McCain's Vision for Health Care Reform

John McCain Believes The Key To Health Care Reform Is To Restore Control To The Patients Themselves. We want a system of health care in which everyone can afford and acquire the treatment and preventative care they need. Health care should be available to all and not limited by where you work or how much you make. Families should be in charge of their health care dollars and have more control over care.

Please visit the link to read the entire platform.

I am providing this article because it appears to be unbiased, it discusses possible issues with both platforms :

Medical economists who criticize the plans of the two presidential candidates say that while Barack Obama’s health care plan fails to curb the soaring coast of health care, McCain’s plan won’t lower the number of uninsured Americans.


Now a few comments, for me I like alot of what both propose, but I have heard promises before, what I fail to see in either platform is HOW their promises are to be kept. Will this be another instance of a new President proposing and being able to blame Congress for preventing the platform from going forward?

I would like to see more detailed plans to attack the issues which drive up the costs of health care.. ie. tort reform, which could alleviate the astronomical insurance costs incurred by the country's physicians.

Running out of space here, I hope that you take the time to read each platform to learn in detail each candidate's postition.

posted on Aug, 21 2009 @ 08:44 AM
With the current impassioned debate concerning the health care issue, I decided to check back into what was the platform that President Obama proposed during last year's campaign.

While the above link to the Obama proposal is changed now, the pdf link is still available..

Take a look and see if what is currently proposed, is in tune with what was promised prior to the election.

Not being fluent in the language Congress uses when writing a bill, I am not sure if the promises are coming to fruition.

Shout out to the members, does anyone speak Congresseze?

translator in the house?

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