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Eyes in the the sky

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posted on Sep, 15 2008 @ 04:24 PM

Eyes in the the sky

the strange sky phenomenon suddenly startled the family from skövde sweden that was on vacation in Bosnia

in the middle of july Juliette and her husband and their daugther where visiting the Bosnia city of Doboj.
It started getting cloudy and around 9pm a giant cloud started forming and a pattern appared for about a minute.
It happend three times.
no one understood what had happend told juliette Yosif.

everything stopped.
All the people on the streets stopped and wittnessed the phenomenon in wonder.
Juliette pulled up the mobile phone and started filming the giant eyes.

- sometimes it happens that you see clouds that resemble diffrent animals, but this is unreal.(surreal)
I didnt even dare to look at it , it was terrifying sais juliette.

during the rest of the trip all that the family could think of was the sky phenomenon.

well home Juliette showed the film clip to her friends but no one could explain what has appared in the sky.

- some said it was something that wanted to watch over me but my self i have no explenation.

link to original news site with a nice picture

all i can say , theres someone watching you


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