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posted on Sep, 14 2008 @ 05:12 AM
link someone posted a thread on the nature of reality and I was emboldened enough by their post to share with my fellow ATS freaks a series of dreams that should be made into a major motion picture.

Bleah....errr.... so...over about a month or so, on a nightly basis, I had a series of dreams in which the central theme was...Demons.

Not amorphous out-of-the-corner-of-your-eye-demons, but in-your-face-heaving-large-blades-dripping-with-your-fellows'-cerebrospinalfluid-demons, K?

As the dreams progressed, what I realized was that, for no adequately explored reason, some very hideous, large and violent beings had been given new life upon this world and were consequently engaged in wiping out Humanity.

The first dream that I remember took place, absurdly, at an awards banquet in a large, glass fronted hotel. I have no idea why I was there or what exactly was being awarded, but the scene was very similar to what one would see when a play is in Intermission, with waiters serving drinks and people smoking in their evening finery.

I remember feeling a sense of foreboding and within seconds a phalanx of cars came squealing into the (atrium?) and began disgorging these immensely ugly brutes who immediately crashed through the glass (I distinctly remember the broken safety glass bouncing off my head, the sharp edges falling between my collar and coat) and began wreaking gore and general nastiness on all assembled.

Cut to: A parking lot later in the melee. I was standing in the backseat of a Cadillac Convertible circa 1960somedamnthing, hefting a very large Fireax. As I cleaved one of the uglies right beween the horns, my blade got hung up in his skull. I was about to put a foot onto the Demon's face to pull it free, but the blade wrenched itself out and the backward momentum caused me to imbed the spike on the back of the axe into another demon's head behind me, killing him instantly.

I was surprised as he and turned and... I woke up.

Moving on...

Humanity had been reduced to..hell, I don't know what; all I knew was that I was the leader of a band of humans entrusted with ferrying out an armored bus of Woman and Children and here is the dream image that I have not found in any book, ever:

Imagine that you are sitting on a barstool, that you are moving at high speed and that you have a large energy weapon in your hands. You can stop, pivot, accelerate and most importantly, shoot from any angle without a headset, wires or...anydamnthing. I wish I could diagram it, but the closest comparison would be a kind of antigrav Unicycle.

The seat was VERY comfy, very much like a Unicylcle seat and my feet rested in perfect equilibrium on a flat surface, no pedals or or compensatory movement of any kind was required to propel, stop, pivot or maneuver this..thing. For instance, at one point, I clearly remember moving at a speed that seemed to be about... Way Too Fast and came to a complete stop. The "wheel" seemed to take this momentum, somehow bled it off and as I fell forward at high speed, I was able to fire at an enemy in front of me from about 3" above the ground, pivot horizontally on my back, firing 360 degrees from the same angle and come back to center without losing momentum.


That was the last thing I recall.

Sooooo...ATSers, have you ever dreamed of being...on a Battle Barstool? Of moving at a very high rate of speed in a relatively upright position with no discernible bumps and with the ability to stop, start, turn, pivot at will?

Eff that: Any Unicycle Dreams at ALL?

I await your answers eagerly, as when I tried to reference this in dream books and such, "Unicycle" just wasn't there.

Thanks and dream hard!

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posted on Sep, 15 2008 @ 02:55 AM
Wow! Trip out man, I could totally envision what you were saying, great narrative. I've experienced some very surreal dreams as well, usually once or twice a month. Tell me, do you ever have any dreams that continue the same theme for more than one dream? When I was younger I would have dreams of flying, I didn't have wings, but I could just will myself into the sky. Now that I reminisce on it, that feeling when I was pushing myself aloft was very heady, almost euphoric.

I don't have those dreams anymore. I'll share with you a dream I had about a month ago, It was very vivid and I recorded it upon waking.


-It began with an increase in exotic animals in the yard , A tapir which I tried to ride went into a frenzy, crashing into an elephant who knocked down the fig tree. I warned dad after rescuing Geoff from the frenzied animals that it wasn't safe to keep animals of this size about. He told me they were abused refugee animals. My dad and his guys began uprooting the orchard and all the trees, in order to plant fruits and vegetables. Suddenly there were vegetables everywhere, and many more animals, I recall several gorilla. I began distributing ears of corn amongst the animals, which they devoured voraciously. I remember thinking several times it wasn't exactly safe to be this close to the animals, but they seemed ambivalent enough towards us.

- A second house has been constructed and conjoined with ours, with many luxury ameneties. Another family has moved in and the father seems very distressed. I try to console him, telling him that god will provide for him. He says he thought so too but he has lost everything. I think to tell him that god works in mysterious ways, but decide a different tact and tell him that all reality is a conscious reflection of self. I give him the example of the garden, with its vibrant fruits and animals, which I believe I have manifested through prayer.

-As I am going back downstairs after this, I stumble into, quite by accident, and discovering for the first time, the sauna. I encounter a teen boy there who I assume to be the man's son. He asks that I find someone to keep him company in the sauna. I tell him I will try. I exit through a different portal from whence I came and am deposited into a Highschool courtyard. There are a group of cool kids sitting. One makes a snide comment towards me and I shrug it off and continue on my way. They are suprised and another one says "Hey Noah, you're a pretty good wrestler, why didn't you do something"? I remember thinking 'Dude I weigh like 135 lbs.' , I don't think I told them that however.

- I make my way to a barn of some sort, and here my recollection is a bit hazy. There are what I presume to be the rest of the Highschool class in the room, and we are given a directive by what I think was some sort of alien intelligence. Most of the youth vacate the barn to carry out the orders and I begin to go with them but hesitate. I go back into the barn and there are several youths left, they ask me if I will resist with them. I agree after a moment (am not sure why I agreed, I don't recall a strong moral reasoning like earlier when I was consoling the dad) One of them says something along the lines of "They will just kill/dispose of us when they are done with us"

-Things go dark and scary. Still in the barn, I can hear wicked creatures all about and the fear is palpable. I slide open a door going into another section of the barn, the other section is dark and when I peer in there is some sort of monster on the other side, I panic and run from the barn out into the fields. Am being pursued by monsters, They are capable of jumping 60 or so feet in a single bound, incredible leapers. I manage to jump/dodge out of the way by the narrowest of margins each time, and it seems I am capable of some great leaping myself, although not as well as they.

-I make my way back to the house/garden and discover many other refugees there. It seems this place is a sanctuary the monsters may not enter. I encounter a stunningly beautiful blonde girl who beckons to me. Her hair and eyes are painted with flowers, that is, she is wearing makeup that gives her face and hair the appearance of a painting of flowers; very exquisite. Again she beckons, One of the refugees steps between us and warns me away, she is one of their agents. She cuts him and vanishes. His wound is on the arm and bleeding very severly, I am holding him and trying to bandage the wound, but just as I have it wrapped, an artery seems to burst and it soaks through the wrap. I recall trying to keep pressure but the blood flow is to strong. I think he will die.

-I awake.

So yeah, very weird stuff.

Love the unicycle! I can imagine using the sucker, it would make for a great computer game.


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