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Steel, heat and magnetism

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posted on Sep, 10 2008 @ 07:34 AM
This article made me think of ATS as I read it.

Fusion power seeks super steels

Scientists say an understanding of how the Twin Towers collapsed will help them develop the materials needed to build fusion reactors.

New research shows how steel will fail at high temperatures because of the magnetic properties of the metal.

The New York buildings fell when their steel backbones lost strength in the fires that followed the plane impacts.

Dr Sergei Dudarev told the British Association Science Festival that improved steels were now being sought.

The principal scientist at the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA) said one of the first applications for these better performing metals would be in the wall linings of fusion reactors where temperatures would be in a similar range to those experienced in the Twin Towers' fires.

'Not melting'

The key advance is the understanding that, at high temperatures, tiny irregularities in a steel's structure can disrupt its internal magnetic fields, making the rigid metal soft.

BBC Article

One of my hobbies is messing around with electric radio controlled vehicles and after having demagged one of my motors due to excessive heat, I can understand what these guys are talking about in regard to heat and the reduction of conductive efficiency, at least in regards to magnetism.

I am not trying to say that the NIST report on the collapse of the WTC buildings was necessarily correct or not, but that magnetism still seems to be something that we do not fully understand or are still kinda learning about.

Also, this mention of "tiny irregularities" reminded me of this small segment of the famed David Adair interview about visiting the inside of a fusion generator at Area 51:

"They didn't want any gravity convection currents to show up in the alloy shaping process."

Link to the full interview

Anyone else care to elaborate on where this is all going or the accuracy of any of this information?

As much as I'd like to think this is all some plot and it's all true...aliens, zero-G molten metal forming processes happening in gravitational voids...attainable fusion power etc...the lot.
None of it ever really seems to pan out for me, though. It always just comes back around to greedy men doing whatever it takes to hang on to their wealth and power while the rest of us just let our imaginations reel about completely unrelated stuff.

But if it is true...

Oh, and I have no idea where to put this thread, so here it is.

posted on Sep, 10 2008 @ 08:23 AM
Great find the thread is another outstanding example of the wonders of nature and how mankind unlocks the nature's secret.


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