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A Life Fulfilled

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posted on Sep, 10 2008 @ 02:25 AM
I know you will think I betrayed you. And, of course, I did just that. But shouldn't a betrayal be measured, in part, by intentions? And I assure you that my intentions have always been selfless. So, future historians (such as they may be) should understand the context of my actions. They should know my forethought, motivations, desires, as well as the long-lingering consequences.

Hence, I pause now, at this critical hour, to make these private notes. Here, in the Oval Office, I have excused myself from the Joint Chiefs and my staff to make this final decision alone. I purposely cut a poignant figure for myself: I expertly appear to be a man in agony of indecisions and tortured by the immense weight of office – a man who must now make an inevitable decision of such enormous consequence that all humanity, living now, and all who will forever follow, will be affected by what happens next.

It appears to be a well-considered decision made under the immense pressures of this critical moment. It seems we were all driven by fate and misfortune to a horrific ending.

But, that is not the truth. Far from it.

I pen this now, so that a select few (perhaps) may one day know the actual truth: that this great hour of judgment, justice, retribution -- was actually conceived long ago.

I was a just a very young man. But I saw it clearly: irreducible cruelty and injustice. Of course I saw it. How could I not? You all know my story, and my sufferings. Irrational hatred was fully directed at me, and has never wavered! You cannot imagine my pain. I decided then, and have known ever since – mankind is simply not fit to survive.

Anyone who discovers and reads this last message – retrieved from the vaults beneath this building – must certainly agree. Assuredly, you understand the absurdity and stupidity of mankind. For it was mankind who so casually gave me the instruments of this vast, forthcoming destruction, and permitted me to accomplish my covert goal. No clearer an explanation should be required as to why I should, and must do this.

Be informed now: the war was easily provoked. I take full credit. I did it with full knowledge that it means my own death, as well as the practical death of the entire planet. It was a vision and plan I have carried throughout my life. It has governed all my actions since that distant time of revelation to this inevitable moment of realization. What you thought was inexorable destiny was nothing more than the simple dedication of a single man's will.

In one moment, I will announce my decision to the frightened, misbegotten world. I will quietly hand this sealed letter to a courier, with special instructions to safeguard its contents. Emotion will overtake me. I will begin to weep as I give the order. My tears will fall. And nobody will know that I am crying tears of sublime joy.

Everyone will die. My secret life's purpose has been fulfilled.

[edit on 10-9-2008 by Buck Division]

posted on Sep, 10 2008 @ 02:26 AM
Just a story. Who might more likely write this? McCain or Obama?

Can we ever know what is in someone's mind?

posted on Oct, 8 2008 @ 11:48 AM

Originally posted by Buck Division
Who might more likely write this? McCain or Obama? Can we ever know what is in someone's mind?

Just to be clear, the answer to my question above is: either candidate might write such a letter.

As far as we know, either Obama or McCain has a totally secret, completely internalized, private agenda to end the world, never spoken, never shared.

That is the strange nature of consciousness and psychopathy -- we can't know someone's secret thoughts. And a total sociopath might be so adept at hiding his feelings that nobody knows.

Although I didn't get any replies (and that is cool) several friends immediately jumped to the erroneous conclusion that McCain was writing this letter, and that was absolutely not my intention. This is not a dig at either candidate. Although it is completely unlikely (hey – it is pure speculative fiction) I can see this letter being drafted by any future president and leader, USA or otherwise.

One more note: the war I am speaking of is not any current war, but some looming threat that the President has skillfully escalated to the point where he has the opportunity to use doomsday weapons. At least one person I know didn't get that.

I guess it is not that great a story if I have to explain all this.

Oh well. There you have it.

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