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Consciousness as the Scale of Illumination

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posted on Sep, 7 2008 @ 10:39 AM
Defending Sacred Ground 1, Alex Collier and The Andromedan Compendium.

" The most necessary action now for all of your Terran races who are aware, is to do
what you are capable of to illuminate your degenerated societies. Consciousness is
your scale. It always provides balance which does not fail. It speaks to those who
listen, and tells them what to do and not to do. To one or all beings who choose to be
evolved, the administrators of your governments are responsible for professional
order, not your moral codes of order. The key to happiness, Terrans, is in the hands of
your own consciousness. We have perceived that you Terrans have arranged your lives
not according to yourselves, but according to others. Your disappointments are due to
this fact. This kind of conduct of yours is what is limiting your races. Each one of you is
a free soul, a free consciousness. No one is the servant or slave of anyone else,
though the "hidden ones" would trick you to believe otherwise. Mutual respect is
imperative for a healed planet and race. Help is being extended to you, if you so want
it. Because of our genetic lineage to your races, we would like to be with you during
your difficult times. Today, you are a planet and a race that destroys itself in
ignorance. The goal is to recover the genuine human beings lost deep within
yourselves. Always be at One with your Self."


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