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Racism is not the issue, unless you let it become the issue.

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posted on Sep, 6 2008 @ 10:09 AM
Let me try to make one thing very clear about what is going on in this election. Racism is not the issue! But, if you let them make it the issue, then it unfortunately will be.

Many on this forum wish to believe otherwise. Many on this forum and in the entire world concerning this election want to use this election to say, “Look, everyone is a racist in America.” or “If you don’t support Obama, then you’re a racist!” or “If you do support Obama then you are just doing so because your black.”

Many of my posts fully admit and use the fact that racism is alive and well in America these days, and most certainly in this election. But lets just take a step back for a second and realize what is happening in this election.

For the first time in American history we have seen the following milestones in just a few months.

The first professed black candidate for the presidency of the united states.
The first woman selected as a Vice presidential running mate in a presidential election.
The first woman running for president that almost won her parties nomination for president.

And lets not forget all the other milestones that have occurred in recent history either.

The first black woman secretary of state is on office right now
The first black male secretary of state just a few years ago (Colin Powell)

And I haven’t even covered any state matters at all. Obama himself is one of the few who have become black senators in history. Palin herself is one of the few women in this country to become governor, but certainly not the only one.

The point is to say, “America really isn’t full of racists!” If white people hated Obama then he would never have gotten the nomination for president in the first place, especially over a white woman that he was running against! If blacks hated white people completely then there would be but maybe a handful of black republicans, which there are a lot more of than even I was aware.

The point of my post was not to say, “Racism is such a certainty in America that Obama will be killed.” No no no, that was not my point at all. My point was to say, “Corruption and One World Government is such a certainty that Someone would assassinate Obama because it would serve the One World Government no matter what the results would be.”

The point of my post was not about race. It was about One World Government and the forces of evil trying to tear us apart and all the progress that we have made in this great experiment of America.

Not matter what happens in this election, don’t let the forces of evil try to turn you against your fellow American. Don’t give in to the racism and hatred that others might give in to. This is a pivotal point in the history of our country. We need to tread carefully from here on in if we do not want to set our country down the path of self destruction and destroy all the progress towards true equality that we and our forefathers have fought and died to gain.

posted on Sep, 6 2008 @ 10:57 AM
Unfortunately, I don't believe that America has overcome racism.

I grew up in Idaho, in a small town, and this summer I spent a couple of weeks visiting family. At one point, 4th of July, everyone in the community was downtown, for the annual parade, fireworks, etc.

Now, this is a small town of factory workers and farmers. And everyone knows everyone. People there spend time in the corner bar, much like someone might the local pub, it's a central hub for socialization. So eventually I ended up there, along with most of the community.

And I listened to them talk about Obama.

Now yes, I know, Idaho voted for Obama over Hillary, which, surprised me. But they aren't ready for him to be president.

Example of comments, "Obama's alright, but I just don't like the idea of all those ****** taking over the White House. "

In other words, an individual can be taken for himself, but once it becomes a group, then it seems threatening. They like him, but they don't like the idea of the people he might surround himself with. Jessie Jackson's name came up a lot.

As for why Idaho voted Obama over Hillary? They all seem to hate Hillary, but NOT A SINGLE person could tell me why, except to insult her. No one could give me a real reason.

People vote with their hearts, not their heads. This is why our founding fathers created a Republic, not a Democracy. This is why Sarah Palin has people gushing over her. If she were 60, grey, ugly or fat, people wouldn't be giving her so much credit.

posted on Sep, 6 2008 @ 01:17 PM
reply to post by Hot_Wings

The interesting thing is that a Democrat should be pulverizing Sen. McCain in the polls, but Sen. Obama is in a dead heat. "The Daily Show" showed video of many voters in West Virginia, and if the world saw it, would think we should never be a super power. Most of the voters who are over 60 years of age will show the most racism, as they grew up with it. It is disappearing as one gets to the younger people where Sen. Obama does his best. My grandfather was a terrible racist, yet his sister was half Cherokee, and one of his brother-in-laws was Puerto Rican. One of my brothers married a woman from Chile, and another one is dating an African American woman. Times are changing, and racism will eventually die out.


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