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"Sphere of knowledge" Crap

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posted on Sep, 6 2008 @ 03:38 AM
Here's a rant

What is it with people who push this "you are limiting my sphere of knowledge"-crap at me and others who merely disagree with something? That has not much to do with limiting any knowledge. If anything, it gives knowledge about a different opinion when well laid.

This is just a fashion word that people who do not know what it means use. They claim that if I give them premises, write my arguments well and end up winning a debate, I have then limited their sphere of knowledge. But what if I debate against existence of Santa Claus? Have I limited them to not knowing he exists? Or, do they have a fairly strong case that he doesn't, yet giving them the opportunity to believe in him anyway? Answer is obvious, but people are, it seems, stupid.

Only way for me to limit anybody's knowledge is by cencoring or refusing to publish something within my power to decide upon. I haven't done such a thing. Ever.

These people propably have no idea what freedom of speech means, either. They propably think that if their article won't get published, somebody then breaks their freedom of speech.

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