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A native UFO catastrophe legend! Must Read!

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posted on Sep, 5 2008 @ 11:36 AM
Ok so, I live in New Zealand. The South Island, Southland (province) to be precise. I live in a Town called 'Gore' (brilliant name, huh) and just 10 minutes away is a drive-thru village called 'Pukerau' (Pron. pook-er-ow).

Before we white folk arrived here, there was already a brown race called the Maori (pron. mold-e). The name of the village is in the Maori tongue and unlike English place names, it is not a word but a sentence describing the place.

The official translation (as cited on the welcome sign) reads "Land Of [The] Rolling Hills", which is accurate since all you see in any direction is rolling grassy hills.

This is where the intrigue emerges.

(If there are any Maori on these forums who come across this thread and find I've got the following wrong, I'm sorry but I'm doing my best)

Edit: I had a poor retelling of the maori creation myth here, but it was unnecessary and I found a better telling here but it's not important.

I'm cant exactly remember the local legend (actually at all) BUT I do know there was a recent controversy over the translation of 'Pukerau'.
Apparently It actually translated to "Sky [Of] Raging Fire".

The local legend says that some moon collided into earth leaving a big 2 kilometre crater and moon rock all over the region. I have seen the supposed crater and underneath all of the brush and gorse, it looks like a crater.

I've also seen the rock. In fact so common is this rock in the region that my old house had a piece the size of a small tree stump sitting in the garden. It's all over the place in sizes ranging from pebble to mini-cooper.

I need to find a photo of my old rock, but I'll tell you that it was very porous like basalt, but very heavy at the same time.
I also recall testing the rumour that hitting it with a sledge (putting some dust in the air) gave off the smell of gun powder. The was a faint smell.

This isn't it, but it's very much what the rock's look like

People have said it is basalt, but that's even stranger because while New Zealand does have a volcanic presence, there are no volcanoes in the South Island.

So where did this strange rock come from?

The name of the region suggests it came from space. It's really funny if it were true considering the value of space rock, and we just used is as door stops

I'll do a little digging and see if I can get both a pic of the actual rocks and better clarified information.

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posted on Sep, 5 2008 @ 11:47 AM
BTW, how do I get a picture to display rather than "external image" in read letters?

posted on Sep, 5 2008 @ 12:13 PM

Hmm. I found some info, but there is a heavy UFO element in this legend that I had no idea of.

words in italics and [square brakets] are mine.

#A1. Maori legend from Mataura - means what motivated me to prepare this web page:

I wonder whether the reader believes in a so-called "fate" [blah blah blah yadda yadda yadda....]

ere is the content of this old Maori legend from the South Island of New Zealand:
"In the fortified Maori village (now a small township), later named Mataura, all began as a typical winter morning. This village was located in the far south of the South Island of New Zealand. Placed on the top of a local hill it overlooked a dense totara bush which extended from horizon to horizon. The Maori warriors on guard heard the loud calls of feeding Moa birds [12ft kind of giant Emu] coming from this bush. People had just finished their morning meal and looked for shadowy spots to escape from the scorching rays of the sun. The damp, sub-tropical air was still cool, but its temperature was rising quickly. Unexpectedly, warriors on duty from the observation tower spotted an almost vertical cigar-shaped object. It was gliding silently on the western side of the sky, glowing intensively. Warriors began to yell "Mataura", "Mataura" [ Interestingly, there is another small town also 10 minutes away called Mataura]. In the ancient Maori language this was equivalent to the present scream "UFO", "UFO". Everyone rushed to watch. When observed from below the gliding cigar had the shape of a huge column or a horn, with a disk-shaped base that glowed like a full moon - see Figure below. It suspended motionless just above the village. Its enormous shadow cast far beyond the edges of the fortifications. After hovering for some time, the object moved eastward towards the next Maori village later named Tapanui. Its flight was watched with pious attention by a large crowd of Maori. When it reached the western slope of the hill called Pukeruau [I misspelt it earlier] (in Maori language "puke-ruau" means "the hill that moved/shook the Earth"), from the cigar's upper end a single vehicle tried to separate. But something went wrong with this manoeuvre, because suddenly a blinding flash erupted from the spaceship. For a large number of people watching, this flash was the last thing they were to see, because its power turned their bodies into ashes in a fraction of second. The lucky ones, who stood shaded from this killing light, rapidly began to experience what seemed to be the end of the world. The Earth had rocked under the blows of a series of seven powerful blasts. The air got dense from the scorching heat. Everything around burst into flames. The Maori people still alive rushed panicking into a nearby river, but the water reached only a few of them. Sparse survivors of the escalating destruction later kept telling their descendants hair-raising stories about the ocean of fires which extended from horizon to horizon and digested everything around, about the hurricane that cut down trees by their roots and pealed off the surface of the ground, about a glowing mushroom-shaped cloud that scorched their skin, about the burning dust that choked their lungs, about red-hot stones as large as huts which, with a terrifying whistle, kept dropping everywhere from the sky, about huge waves from the ocean that climbed deeply into the land, and about the many years of coldness, rain, floods, hunger and death which came afterwards."

Wow, I didn't expect to find a resource in this detail!

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posted on Sep, 5 2008 @ 12:27 PM
Hah. There's a tall order:

The main goal of this web page and the body of evidence which I present here, is to document that there is a huge body of evidence for the actual explosion on the Earth of an extraterrestrial spaceship (UFO), that this evidence can be verified by everyone and cannot be scientifically denied, and that this evidence is subjected to intentional although secretive campaign of hiding and denying carried out on the Earth by some evil powers.

I'm so glad I started this thread. I didn't know much about all this before I thought to say something.

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