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really quiet last month or so with ufos...

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posted on Sep, 5 2008 @ 07:01 AM
Is it just me or has the huge ufo wave in june and july really died down?
There was multiple sightings in the UK and across the world but over the last month or maybe even 5 to 6 weeks ive heard very little

Is it just me? or is the ufo phenomena like that.. ie nothing for a while then loads of happenings

Somebody please enlighten me as ive not been into the whole ufo thing for that long


posted on Sep, 5 2008 @ 07:18 AM
Like most in this world..alot of attention is focused on who is going to be the next great leader of the "free" world.

Perhaps the aliens are all parked in their respective hangers under the sea and on the dark side of the Moon watching the polls and the convention coverages.

All kidding aside tho, your right, sightings seem to surge at times and then drop off for awhile. But it is not like a regular traffic jam in the skies with UFO's on a daily basis.

Perhaps it may also be a part of the continuing drip drip of disclosure. Or may have something to do with their agenda in comming here.

Just a couple of weeks ago I saw one flying out here in Wy near Hells Half Acre. It was small and flew very irratically. More like a sphere shape than a typical saucer shape or cigar shape. The thing zig zagged for awhile over the pit, dropped down into it and moved around and then flew off at an incredible speed, leaving behind some sort of vapour trail like how a jet leaves behind a exaust trail.

I didnt have my camera so couldnt take any pics of it but it was bluish/silver in color and had a bit of corona yellow discharge along its bottom as it got near the ground. I plan to spend a weekend out there with my cameras in hand to see if anything else comes along.

That area, Hells Half Acre often has sightings of UFO's on a regular basis. It is also the site where the movie Starship Troopers was filmed. Perhaps the aliens are interested in that pit for some odd ball reason. Most folks out here in Wy are not that interested in this subject and tend to brush it off as light reflections or atmospheric disturbances like dry lighting or something.

There is another area out here, called Boysen Peak that overlooks the Wind River Lake, and is 8,600 feet in altitude. From there you get a magnificant view of the night sky and the night sky is filled with stars galore. Often you can get a glimpse of shooting stars and some that seem to make sudden turns and reverse angle turns. Since the nearest source of light is 40 miles away, its nice and dark up there and no man made light source to interfere with the night view.


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posted on Sep, 5 2008 @ 07:29 AM
Maybe they're bored of us already. It like it you stamp on a anthill. you watch the ants scurry around for a while then they get back to normal duties.
Besides with all the sightings and NO actual landings televised or some such other 'solid' event it gets a bit boring for all of us who see a UFO and say " Oh look another unidentfied light in the sky thats probably a lantern or swamp gas from youranus. "..
With NO solid world wide event people get bored and go back to bitching about the latest blurry photograph of a blob in the sky...

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