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Something to get you all talking about... Pt 1

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posted on Sep, 4 2008 @ 09:02 PM
I don't mean to dissapoint, but i have no new UFO pictures, video footage or any new evidence... Well.. i have some, but as i am a new member I will save the best for later threads..

I can however present you with a theory which has probably been thought of many times before hand but I came to this 'conclusional theory' through my own thoughts and feelings on general topics throughout the site and other sources...

Okay so here it is..

My theory is that evidence on UFO's, Grey's, Alien's etc has strong reason to suggest that Aliens are not aliens at all; they are simply the future human race.

Sounds way too 'far-fetched' to you right? But think about it for a second here...

We can all agree (well most of us) that time travel/teleportation is possible right? ... Einsiten himself proved time travel to be possible and there has also been a sucsessful teleportation of an atom in an experiment performed by teams of researchers in the US and Austria..

Link to proof of time travel:Here
Link to proof of teleportation: Here

We can also be likely to believe that if the human race survives Global Warming and 2012 etc; eventually we will develop the advanced technology required to obtain the ability to travel through time in 'Space Craft' or what would be known as 'Time Machines'.

Einstein stated that due to his theory of relativity that time travel is possible. Technology is not ready for such steps at the moment however in the future, who knows?

So if this theory is correct and we are visiting ourselves in the past from the future, what does this explain and relate to.

Humans have evolved but have currently stopped evolving as we have no longer have the need to adapt to our environment because we now adapt our environment to suit us. But what if some Disasterous world event were to disrupt this need to no longer evolve. What if somtime in the future we will have reduced sunlight, so therefore through evolution, our skin becomes thinner and more transparent. We learn to use more if not all the areas of the brain, allowing us to design more advanced technologies. What if we evolve to become smaller, with longer, thinner more 'nimble' limbs. Would We Not Look Like ALIENS, or Greys?! Those as described by eye-witnesses of UFO and Alien encouters.

Religion: Jesus for example, born from a virgin after an angel from white light spoke to mary and told her she would give birth to the 'Son of Mankind'. Think of how in ancient times an alien would be described, they could only describe it as an Angel. Also, the virgin birth, we have the technology to preform virgin births in present day, just imagine how easy and simple this proceedure will become in future. What if we are able to program sperm cells using nano technology to have the ability to repair wounds and heal more effiently. Thus explaining how Jesus was able to rise from the dead and move the stone. Either that or Aliens (us in future) moved the stone and had the technology to restart his organs and bring him back to life.

He heals people with advanced technology preforming 'Miracles'.. In the garden of eden he is talking with God asking Why he has to go through his death... How about he is communiating with the 'mother ship' in orbit simply asking why he has to die and go through the pain.. maybe they replied 'Hey, don't worry, this will certainly prove your something special as we have the technology to bring you back to life'..

What is the incentive? If people believe in a 'Jesus - Son Of Mankind' who promotes rewards after death for being good and doing right whilst protesting against sin.. then it would certainly make people atleast consider their options before committing an act of sin..


posted on Sep, 4 2008 @ 09:11 PM
Welcome to ATS! Not a new theory, as you mentioned, but one that has merit, IMO. Another possibility is that the "others" are not alien at all, but original inhabitants of this blue marble we live on, perhaps deep sea dwellers.

Personally, I think they might be from a planet closer to the sun than we..... one previously thought to be too hot to contain life.

All three theories have their good points. On the other hand, the folding of spacetime is at least theoretically possible even within context of our own infantile physics.

If they are from the future, they sure don't seem to act as though they give a damn about us. Perhaps they know that our timeline is already toast, and therefore we are already "dead' to them?

All interesting ideas. Until they are forthcoming with their ideas in a public manner, I will consider them suspect at best, and malevolent at worse. It would be a simple matter to tell the world their agenda. I do not believe we would all crumble into anarchy. I think we are better than that.

posted on Sep, 4 2008 @ 10:09 PM
Yeah, i had figured that i would'nt have been the only one to present this idea; even though i had kinda hoped i was
. I agree Argentus, the three theories are quite plausable with excellent points. The only way we'll know for sure on wether any of these theories are correct is by waiting... Only time will tell...

Check out Pt. 2 of the thread... I just finished it about 10 mins ago..

posted on Sep, 4 2008 @ 10:16 PM
But if these aliens are the future us why would they even bother coming back to study us seems like a waste of thier time and intelligence what is our doomed time line as it was put in above post help them in any way. I just dont see any point in it.

posted on Sep, 4 2008 @ 11:40 PM
Im sorry to flame, but why cant new ATS members at least do a search for this topic before posting a new thread? If I had a dollar every time someone posted "Aliens are US. . from the future! I know it sounds crazy!" Yeah, crazy because there is literally a new thread about the same frigging topic every week, and this theory is nothing original.

Do a search for crying out loud, and welcome to ATS.

posted on Sep, 5 2008 @ 01:04 AM
reply to post by amongus


one other thing id like to say to get the OP involved with more constructive approaches to this phenomena is that humans from the future seems to be a real possibility.. one thing you have to consider is that there are many many other accounts of various races involved with visiting earth.

to create a spin that the ETs are simply another egocentric idea that WE are the gods in the skies..attempting to take the spotlight from another species and turn it on ourselves. we are not the ones from the future as you so indicate. sorry to burst your bubble. if your dealing with issues of fear about this try not to lead others astray masking the ET presence with a human face.

posted on Sep, 5 2008 @ 04:18 AM
ahhh well, i guess i just wasted 3-4 hours of my life last night thinking about it and making this thread... I expected as much...

I had done some research but i haven't found any on how the theory that we visit ourselves from the future links in to the stories in the bible and the storey of Jesus...

To answer the previous reply about 'Why we would visit ourselves back in time as it would be a waste of time'...

Ask yourself this... Why would we spend millions of capital digging up ancient ruins and attempting to study not only how we used to live but other previous other species on the planet.. e.g. Dinosaurs etc..

If we had the technology to go back in time at current.. I believe we would most certainly visit the 'Cavemen' of pre-historic times so why wouldn't future generations do the same to us...

Yeah my bubble was burst... it burst hard... I feel quit demoralized now

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