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"Arguing Eternity" DVD makes fun of religions

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posted on Mar, 19 2004 @ 03:10 AM
"Arguing Eternity" Jesus & the Devil get put into their place! DVD

2002, on our way back from the Sundance Film Festival, we stopped in Vegas for the night (we were headed back to L.A.). While eating at a kick butt buffet, we started the outline to a new screenplay "Arguing Eternity"... the project got set aside for half a year until we finally decided to produce it.

"Arguing Eternity" is the story of a woman who dies and is given the choice by J (Jesus) & D (Devil) as to where she wants to spend eternity. Both places have their good points and bad. She turns the tables on these two idiots and takes them on a wild ride of debunking world religions, and the flaws both heaven and hell present.

Well, we did the film, submitted it to a few film festivals and finally put it back on the shelf. DVD releases for films that make fun of religions and how silly people's beliefs can be, are not a popular rental at your local Blockbuster.

A month ago, a friend suggested I target my comrades-in-arms... the people that find the same flaws that we do. So here I am on this WILD BOARD! I love it!

Anyone interested in seeing the trailer or purchasing a copy on DVD for $9.95, can visit:

We are working on a screenplay to answer Mel Gibson's "The Passion of the Christ"... heh heh heh! Should be fun!


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