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Why Did McCain Choose Gov Palin ?

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posted on Sep, 2 2008 @ 09:58 PM
This is not commentary on Gov Palin, but the process in her selection and a possible reason for it.

The GOP has several dozen operatives in Alaska now turning over every stone that Gov Palin has stepped on. There was obviously nowhere near enough vetting accomplished on her.
The GOP and McCain campaign are two seperate entities, they are not the same organization and do not report too or are responsible to the same individuals.

So Far there are reports of campaign finance and pork barrel spending issues which will remove the " washingon outsider" framing. There are unconfirmed reports of pot smoking, hubby belongs / belonged to a fringe group demanding the return of all federal lands, and videos of Gov Palin speaking freely on camera. The videos speak for themselves. I could care less about these issues, but framing her as Washington outsider and Church lady will be problematic shortly.
Or, the Gop will be forced to support the issues it rails it will be interesting to see the twisting and tortured rationalizations GOP talking heads will be forced to create if McCain and the GOP stick with Gov Palin.

This was a very strange decision for McCain to make. There is no Net gain for him with supporters of Senator Clinton. Gov Palin and Senator Clinton are Polar Opposites. Thinking one female can substitute for another is ridiculous and pandering, this cannot be the reason.

Gov Palin experience is limited; mayor of small town to Gov. of Alaska for 2 years....being Governor for 2 years is simply not enough. There has been no issues that caused Gov Palin to make tough decisions in that time...from what ive gathered it has been mostly speeches and managing the status quo. Trying to frame her as experienced enough to manage the Nation is not going to fly. I am not measuring Gov Palin against anyone else, ANY individual with this background is going to have problems being nominated to VP of the USA.

There is just not enough rationale to select Gov Palin as VP Candidate if the decision was based on garnering support OUTSIDE the hard core right wing religious right. If we look at the decision to satisfy the right wing hard core, then it begins to make more sense.

McCain wanted Senator Lieberman or Mitt Romney...there was talk of others, but indications are he was set on one of these individuals. For all the talk of Rove intervening, it was reported the Religious right wing would not allow either candidate to be nominated without a convention battle. McCain is known as being a Maverick...and it may be here that the decision has its roots.
If the Religious Right Wing core demanded a VP candidate that would fit their requirements, then McCain may have offered one to them. He may have decided enough was enough, and if the GOP could not control its own, he would give them exactly what they demanded and let the chips fall where they may.

The reports coming back regarding the timeline of his choice, the incomplete vetting, the distraction this has caused, the manner in which GOP talking heads are explaining this decision on political talk just does not add up to a rational well thought out process meant to win the election.

McCain may have fallen on his sword. He loves this Nation and has placed his life on the line many times to defend the USA. If there is an element in the GOP that he saw was manipulating the process, and believes it is time to cut down the influence they have in the GOP and the Nation...he may have taken a courageous stand against the group.

posted on Sep, 2 2008 @ 10:49 PM
Was it a good pick?

From all accounts at this point in time, no, although there's always some amount of media vetting and harping that's going to go in the immediate aftermath of an unknown. It's expected, even if the choice is not.

Is she qualified? As qualified as the past 2 presidents if you ask me.

I feel there is more here than meets the eye, but we have not been shown enough nor has enough time passed to make a judgment as of yet.

Too much speculation and perceived intrigue will do no one any good and really just delay the process of explaining why each candidate is retched and needs to be soundly shot from a cannon along with the upper echelon of the Big Two (parties that is) for allowing these tools to even get this far.

It's a choice that will either cost him the election or give it to him.

Simple as that. What else is there to say really? Nothing, unless we like to rehash hot air for days in an endless cycle....

Wait, I'd just watch the news if I wanted to see that.

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