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Forgive (religions are keeping you unpure)

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posted on Sep, 1 2008 @ 05:43 PM
In the anti-Christ bible there is a 'fro take' and also an 'against take' instead of a 'forgive'.

You are supposed to be against taking unlikeable things. Though here you are positioned to take unlikeable things. That means here to experience the unlikeable. But you are supposed to be against whatever those unlikeable things you do take. So if someone slaps you you cant help but take it initially. Then, you, after experiencing something like that you dont like, turn against taking it further. You take mentally and you take physically and you take mentally from some physical takes. In a mental way the only way to get away from taking it is to initiate revenge. Mentally, you take things in and they stay festering which brings on a bothering in you till you physically do something such as enact your revenge. And you are supposed to do such!

You put on some shoes, and it hurts your feet, so you take that physically to where to go against taking it physically. Meaning you take the shoes off, and wont wear them again. In this case it's not something that can fester up a bothering that is mental. You take the who and you take the what differently and it's even based on if things are done to you porposely or accedently or neglegently.

Most religions known are trying to teach you to forgive. The religion that uses the bible does that. But the bible is truth which means you are to apply the underlying facts. You and I know ppl in religion wont translate the bible into anagrams/antonyms in whatever language they can read. They got some nerve translating the bible into a language away from the original through synonyms (which is part of the truth to the truth to words), but for some reason wont translation the it into other of parts of truth (anagrams and antonyms). They keep you away from full truth. That's what religion does with the bible. Look up the word truth and then apply it to the words to something that is supposed to be about delivering truth. The anti-Christ bible has the other parts to the truth to words from synonyms.

Anyway, they say it's what's inside that counts. Not the surface. The surface is what you see at face value. The synonyms translation. Why like peices of truth instead of the whole truth?

Forgiving someone is that B.S. at face value. If your heart is purely you you'd go with what you feel to do, and not even forgive anyone that did unlikeable things to you. Surely the anti-Christ bible holds the truth that you dont truely forgive if someone's doing is still to date, or whenever it comes on your mind, festering into borthering you. You need to be true. That is what the anti-Christ bible has in message for who would bother with the full truth to words.

Does not a water filter make water pure? If you act like a filter you're keep pure by going against taking the unlikeable. Filters purge the bad out and away. Mentally you need to filter your mind like so to rid it of the festering bothersome things done by someone. Tell me, do you feel me? The pure go with their heart. The Lord likes the pure amongst and not some watered down version that comes with a load of inner problems built up that they could have releaved themself of if are for being kept pure. If someone tries to bother you, and it is seen but not working, then you have nothing to filter out. But know that the Lord on the other hand, in a higher sense, might be bothered by what is being attemped toward His worthy, and so shall enact retaliational revenge a way if it's the thought that counts behind the ill attempt toward His worthy.

So do purify yourself. And go by the full truth. If part of you wants to do something, but another part of you doesnt just because of some half truth, then you should knock the half truth in your way out the way and just do it. That is so the pure you which the anti-Christ bible doesnt have any conflict of view or message against. Be pure! Being anything else means you are filthy fake. Do the fake-hearted, filthy-hearted enter life and paradise? Do ppl who kiss butt not being the pure them go to life and paradise? I assure you the Lord wont accept the fake and filthy with a 100% accuracy I swear on the truth to.

[edit on 1-9-2008 by Mabus]

posted on Sep, 3 2008 @ 10:07 PM
"Tub she *this* I will command hear reverence for (or: 'a lose') the Holy Ghost lack still ever against (or: fro) recieving, tub is out safty of within during/whole 'the tac of saving' (or: 'the taste of being saved')."

^^The tub is the body. She this = the sleep of the Holy Ghost. There was no one standing before to save to why there is a lack still ever against recieving any outside the Holy Ghost. And body is in danger within a during the taste of being saved. Haha. The only One to taste being saved is the Lord Himself and the worthy in the Lord. One event is as a taste that shall last. But right now the Lord is outside of safty since in this as a Dare like being a Dear (hunted game).

Instead of recieving anything well, the ones before the Lord shall have to take damnation since they are eternally bound to sin.


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