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another esp thread...

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posted on Aug, 31 2008 @ 02:56 PM
Hi, I'm iLLogical this is my first post here
though I'd throw in a hi before I began

Also, I just found this site last night after some weird events and a rather interesting conversation. I've been reading thread after thread on this and that but there are so many and I thought it might be easier to just get direct answers aside from the standard "homework"

So let me begin from the begining...

When I was 6 years old I began talking about angels and things of that nature, my mother thinking it was in my best interest, sent me to therapy. This didn't help though... over the years I witnessed ghosts and demons... but I continued to go to therapy and tried to explain to them that it was all very real...

I remember knowing that something ... hidden.. was out there... I looked into the occult for answers though didn't get very far because of being about 10-12 years old

at about 14 I began to strongly notice an energy of some kind and it was everywhere... people had this energy the ground had this energy the walls... everything...

again I was told this was not real and they decided to take action and commit me

after being released at 18 I was living alone and picked back up on recreational drugs (which I had been involved with since 7.. marijuana mostly but slowly moving onto psychodelics) after a while I traveled to texas doing meth for my first time... I focused all my attention on drawing... which turned out more like well orchestrated scribbles turning into huge robotic / alien battle scenes... I tranced out and when I came back I had written without knowing it "The time has come for kings and creators" along with drawing random faces which months later had shown up in my life...

After leaving texas I went east for a while, toward the end of it I seemed to have Developed ... well.. telepathy... and after being in with head doctors for so long I automatically assumed I had gone crazy once and for all... that is until I was 'provided' proof on _many_ occasions that it was actually happening...

Some years later I learned that Psychic attacks were real and that I / other people could project images into other peoples heads...

Present day, even more confused than ever... All this stuff remains and I have realized my precog or something is rather strong as well.....

my examples for precog are... sitting outside the bar on the porch on the railing.. for no reason I stood up and took two or three steps away from the railing before realizing that I really didn't have a reason to do so... but as I take my last step and right then this water from above starts to drip down _exactly_ where I had been sitting not two seconds ago...

same bar same porch diffrent day, I went outside to escape the shennanigs of some drunken gay guy dancing around being a bafoon... alittle while and a crowd of people are out their including this drunken gay guy is out their... he talks to me and kinda gives me this eerie feeling so I move toward the back of the crowd in hopes of being left alone... suddenly I'm hit with a deja vu, a memory from a dream I want to say. And this guy was the trigger. I put my cigarette out and went inside. Five minutes later I hear he kissed some guy (who I knew had been to prison for 4 years) and well that guy punched the gay guy in the mouth and rocked his world.

and various other things... knowing very obscure things without knowing...

and daily I feel like I know something... I'll stare into the distance... not knowing what is going to happen only that something _is_ going to happen...

Basically I'm wondering, what do I do to enhance this.. control it more.. I meditate and even explore things using psychodelics occasionally, but I never feel like I'm getting anywhere (even though I have gotten somewhere). Where would I find people in my area who are open about this and are willing to help develope these 'abilities'?

there's lots more to go with this but i am at the limit


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