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opinion please, nonsense or other?

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posted on Aug, 31 2008 @ 01:12 AM
ok, i was pretty darn high when i typed all this down but for some reason i felt compelled to do it. it's basically a summary of how i feel the universe works.

after sobering up i'm still not sure what i make of it so, if you dont mind, i'd like your opinions.

thought it may be confusing i left it as i wrote it.

also, for fun that night i tried to make Nostradamus-like quatrains (though they're not quatrains lol) however after sobering up i'm pretty sure they suck
who knows, maybe they'll come true :-P I posted them first.


When the dark spire bled through the twin cloud did the Golden Kings cry so loud.

In secret three liars do know their fate not fearing he who watch beside The Gate.

The ones below sense where you fall numb but he above knows why the lies begun.

Reaching out the Grey fear travel to the lands of those who hold the gavel.

The sorrowful chasm of stone and slate is chiseled through by they so great.

The Cords of Life lead to creation. The Cords of Death consume the broken nation.


"first. waves and algorithms

a wave is created when an object or force slams into a surface. just like ripples in a sink from when you breathe on the surface of the water whilst staring at your reflection. yet something had to start the wave.

if yes then go if no then stay. both options are optional its just the state that The Decision arrives to the choise at is what determines what way to go...or stay.

second. fractals and infinity

fractals, to me, hang off the side the side of waves and are what happens things mix or rub against each other. they represent infinity. the same pattern going on forever but getting smaller? I wonder if they are static, in a way. what does it mean when everything shrinks? how do we then know if we're getting smaller? in order to determine size one must first compare.

third. every action has an equal yet opposite reaction

‘nuff said. yet it still doesn’t say what caused the first reaction.

fourth. 1st law of thermodynamics

matter and energy can neither be created nor destroyed only transformed. technically, everything that once was actually still is. (see: "wave" then combine with previously read)

fifth. life then death

Life is the experience of being self aware. death is not knowing that you didn't live.

sixth. conscious and being

why am I aware? why am I aware of being aware? I'm thrice conscious. why am i?

Am I being or am I a Being or am I a Being who is?

seventh. being one with all

1st law -plus- action has equal yet.

eighth. I am is I'm not

if being one with all (or Being 1, with All?) truly is what being one (or Being 1, with All) is then I really am not.

ninth. start with a bang

that was the first wave of fractals created by Being 1 (or being one) during the "Big Bang." we are simply riding the spiral to the end, not knowing if we're the first to go there. may just go where no ones been. yet like a wave we're getting smaller in a way but like a fractal we might just be riding it like a spiral. we might be a result of that spiral. self-awareness may be a result of a force created long ago. a force echoing through everything (weather tangible or not) there is. It's all like math, which is basically the laws of the universe. comparable to the rules of a world created in a computer game. the game creator acting as "god" (or Being 1 or being one with all). thus our consciousness is a result or something that preceded it like in an algorithm. it was like a choice (I spelled that wrong earlier) which is like yin and yang. they balance out. the physical and the imaginary/created/non-tangible are balanced opposites. science and religion are in fact one. balance creates oneness. balance is static. loss of self awareness is death. stopping the wave/spiral/fractal/force is static. oneness is static. fate is god. death is oneness. oneness is peace.

Fate v Destiny v Free Will."


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