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The first poll is out on the Palin choice: the numbers are good.

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posted on Aug, 30 2008 @ 09:18 AM
Take it for what its worth, but the first poll is out and it appears as though Sarah Palin made a good first impression. 63% of unaffiliated voters gave her positive reviews yesterday, along with 78% of Republicans and 26% of Dems. There are a ton of numbers in this article, but virtually all are positive for Palin. Even on the question of 'readiness' she only trailed the initial impression of Biden by 10%, which is terrific news for the McCain campaign given the experience disparity between Biden and Palin.


As the article states, this will all be very fluid as the public learns more about Palin, but to this point, the numbers seem to indicate that the people McCain was really aiming this pick at, independents, are willing to give Sarah Palin a fair chance.

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