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Madam Governor Palin is Sexy

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posted on Aug, 30 2008 @ 02:56 AM
How does this affect things in the highest office of the land?

Let me start by saying first, this is a serious thread and second Yes I think this woman is Very attractive.

I think this could be, by and large, a first anywhere in the world.

Beautiful women are never taken seriously, if she becomes VP or even President if McCain becomes ill. What would the effects of this be?

There might be some very serious ramifications.

I had to post this because, partly I just enjoyed Using the words Madam Governor lol, I find it easier to take orders from a beautiful lady than a guy any day of the week, I want a Hot woman to approve of me, I could care less about what, lets say Jimmy carter thinks of me, Go screw off you old coot (he's a nice guy) but most of you get what I'm saying right?

1: will this change mens attitudes and is this wrong that I think this way? Am I alone or in the majority in that, I rather a pretty woman tell me what to do than an worn out looking old one and I don't deal with any man telling me anything ever?

Will Men in America, shape up a bit maybe when Palin if President gives a speech and asks them to. I hate to admit this but i'm 37 she's 43 and she might be VP, I first thought wow she is pretty, then Honestly I felt like, well if she was single I'm like a looser compared to this woman lol, I need to go shower and work or something

Given the nature of men in general these days couldn't this basically be a motivating thing, maybe guys can't really in America deal with looking up to other guys? I work for myself, I hate authority to a really serious degree but can handle a woman sometimes if shes pretty AND I know she has the brains to back it up, asking things of me

And somehow I feel even on a Presidential level, maybe this would change man a bit, we have no true Female role models or Authority figures we ant to impress most of the time, I know I don't.

2: Isn't this a more important thing for America than a black president? There is a continent full of black presidents and there have been women presidents

But there has never to my knowledge been an Attractive woman president anywhere

Isn't that in terms of world bias and who holds the power a Much, much bigger issue given the treatment of women? Raped by the Half Million in places like Darfur and sold into slavery even in Europe to this very day!

Even when women do succeede they are always very Asexual, very bullish and unattractive, desexualized entirely

Isn't this a huge breakthrough, I mean The African American community could use a push, don't get me wrong it would be epic in it's own right a break through too

But we have Condi and Colin Powell and others up in the highest Ranks, it's not like this isn't happening

But a woman Sexy and Smart, not being put in her place, being in a position of that power

Like I said it would be big in America if Barack was elected but black men run nations all over Africa. A black man has run something bigger than America the UN

But no beautiful woman has ever been treated and given this chance before anywhere I can think of, at least nowhere that makes the News in the western world

So to me, isn't this an actual Cultural shift? Something reflective of an entire monumental shift in thinking in the world and just, a huge boost for the truth of American freedom and enlightenment if this woman is given this chance to be VP or even becomes president?

3: How does this culture shock affect this entire firey situation we are in?

Think about the effects of this, it could be Huge

What is the reaction of Islamic nations when they have to confront and deal with not only a Woman in office, but a Sexy Powerful Woman in the Oval Office?

Do they hate us more?

I think Great Satan will become Great Whore Satan lol

But what effect will this have on Middle eastern Women, until now if they got to see at all they saw, Madeline Albright or Hillary

And that, i'm sorry might not make a woman who has been raised to be a woman feel, Jealous, they look and act like men these ladies, no offense, no one is turned on by Madeline

But what happens when these women see, this, bright, articulate, beautiful Lady in the white house and if they win you wont be able to miss her anywhere, not even Iran

Might this not ignite a major social unrest in certain cultures, not saying women will break out and go riot lol, but wouldn't seeing her, not some angry, wrinkly sheman Make them realize, the kind of culture they live in?

Not to say that these women haven't seen beautiful women before or aren't beautiful themselves, but seeing a woman who is beautiful and a Vice President and a Mother of 5, might this not set off a culture shock?

It's easy to look at a super model and say "slut" or an Actress... but how could a person write this off? She's also a good Mother and Wife

how does this affect foreign meetings with dignitaries?

I am, shocked and it's odd to say the words, wow the VP is attractive... ( Lol if I say that now I am talking about Cheeny yikes!)

How does she fare when dealing in war negotiations with lets say Putin?

Is he a pig? Does he try and get her alone lol and disrespect her, or does she bring that urm, happy feeling a guy can sometimes get when dealing with a stubron woman? and capitualte more and are his decisions affected by her?

I know a Pretty womans face has made me do some g-d awful stupid things in my life

So even in Europe and in Asia... how will negotiations with a beautiful woman be affected, are these men so macho that they will disrespect her entirely

or, are other nations going to see this as weak and an insult aside from Islamic ones if we send her places?

If so where do you see issues?


Any other ways that I am missing that her attractiveness might play a fundamental role in things here?

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posted on Aug, 30 2008 @ 03:30 AM
reply to post by mopusvindictus


Very good points...

Although I am not letting my stick get involved in this one...

IMHLO we are in some serious economic bad times and I don't see how
trying the same economics will solve anything...

However I think her looks alone will bring the mummy into the white house.


posted on Aug, 30 2008 @ 03:37 AM
reply to post by mopusvindictus

This brings a new meaning to, getting what you want by the way you look. It's amazing, you have to understand, people in power of other countries can care less what you look like, they only want to hear what can benefit them in the long run.

Look at the middle east, I don't think they would even talk to her, they would most likely have to send a man.

If we base this solely off of her looks, this is sad times.

posted on Aug, 30 2008 @ 03:51 AM

Originally posted by mental modulatorAlthough I am not letting my stick get involved in this one...

alright guys, put the lube away already.

Actually, I tend to not like most of the OP's posts (no offense.. but I was taught to be honest
) however, you actually brought up some interesting points.

I would be curious as well to see how a woman who possesses not only brains, but beauty too would fare in office. Does that win my vote? nah. But it is an interesting thing to contemplate considering the leaders (some of which you mentioned) that she would be dealing with.

I know an intelligent woman with charm and some good superficial genes can go farther in getting their way than a man who is great at diplomacy.

Could make for an interesting term despite the set backs if McCain makes it in w/ her at his side.

*side note: What is it about that guy? He must have quite the *ahem* (refer to quoted posters reference to wood
) considering his wife and now VP.

*am expecting an automatic U2U from mods

posted on Aug, 30 2008 @ 04:16 AM
Oh the last thing I am saying is base anything politically off of her looks alone.

I am saying that If she ends up in the White House there will be serious issues to consider.

and you bring up one, and frankly, no they won't have to send a Man

They would have to meet with Madam President or not deal with the USA if she got that far...

Far, Far from being About her looks

I am saying women are held back by their looks!!!

And frankly that statement establishes to me right and wrong in black and white terms in the global situation

They wouldn't meet with our President because she is a Powerful, Attractive Woman

And it's a real issue and I think it needs to be slamed right into the faces of some of these types of guys, because the world is out of balance and it wasn't always like this.

It's alot deeper than because she is beautiful

I don't think males actually have the capacity for peace nor do I think these Man Beasts that are allowed to have power can do the job either.

I think a Woman being given recognition of her full Potential and power is a fanatstic thing.

And women until maybe now even in the West are... never allowed to reach their potential, A beutiful woman with Legitimate Power has always beengone after like a dog

It obviously intimidates men intensely to both be attracteed and to have her have authority too

and, I'd personally relish it! It shows exactly who we are and they are in the boldest statement possible If we Have a Beautiful, Intelligent Woman in Power... not some, desexualized creature

here's my take on this:

This is a war of cultures

Central to the Conflict Is Islams attitude to women

Obama wants to go there and talk to them a Man with a name like thiers that has his wife at Home. He wants this for peace...

But Also Condones Peace with people who keep half a society as less than Human

Palin, Is a direct and absolute statement of whwere we stand in terms of Human rights, she is an Epic, achievement of equality in comparisson to Obama

If they can't meet with her, then the wolrd knows, this is where we stand.

Palin represents Equality in a far deeper and more meanigful way than Obama ever could

Don't you get it?

He CAN talk to them, they CAN relate to him and this is America, Not Iran

A vote for Obama is a vote for capitualting with people who have no respect for women, fear them and keep them as pets and servents for all intents and purposes

Put a woman like Palin In...

and she Shows something she says, this is America and ... maybe Mc Cain isn't the road to peace if this is how they react to her...

So What?

Where do we stand? What if , the Germans wouldn't deal with an Obama because he is Black? People would freak right?

And that's exactly why... women haven't come nearly as far as African Americans and Particularly African American Women would be far better off, switching sides to this Beautiful strong Woman if they want any representation than Obama who keeps his wife in the closet like the rest of these guys. African American men no longer have respect problems, But African American Women most certainly Do!

Putting Palin in these guys face is... American, it's true Blue

and it does, it does matter that she is beautiful, because beautiful women are discriminated against, called stupid, have trouble advancing into positions of legitimate power, get called bitches get treated like whores

and Ugly Masculine women, don't sufffer that a big Bull of a girl in an Engineering firm will go further than a pretty young woman who will be ignored, we all know it's true

Once a guy feels sexual attraction he tries to make her submissive to him

and it's unfair, it's a true inequality to this day, in eastern europe and Russia woman are still sold into sex slavery

I think her Beauty is important, it's a real statement of the real nature of Americans...

and it's Strong

It flys in the face of what we are really fighting for, and it's a cultural exchange we should not let an Obama capitulate on.

posted on Aug, 30 2008 @ 04:28 AM
reply to post by justamomma

I think this is central to being a free and open society Momma

and frankly... I wouldn't Vote for mcCain without her, I was going to abstain my vote.

But I think as you make light of the 2 women in his life now... I think it will lend the guy more of a soul

and Hey! gotta fill me in on why you don't like my posts, always happy for the critique! can't improve without it. lo don't have to do it here lol, but I wouldn't mind fedback

posted on Aug, 30 2008 @ 04:40 AM
This country has been voting on looks for a while now. Nixon vs Kennedy was a perfect example of that.

posted on Aug, 30 2008 @ 04:59 AM

Originally posted by mopusvindictusI think this is central to being a free and open society Momma

and frankly... I wouldn't Vote for mcCain without her, I was going to abstain my vote.

But I think as you make light of the 2 women in his life now... I think it will lend the guy more of a soul

and Hey! gotta fill me in on why you don't like my posts, always happy for the critique! can't improve without it. lo don't have to do it here lol, but I wouldn't mind fedback

Critique # 1: Saying that in light of the 2 woman, it lends the guy more of a soul

*I* think that considering the 2 women in his life now... well, come on, let's just be honest.. it says more for what he is packing (whether that refers to *ahem* (doubtful though considering the age) or pockets, your guess is as good as mine) rather than the assumption he has a soul.

So, are you saying that your vote has been swayed due to the woman who may be his successor should he croak from old age (which *is* a possible scenario)?

Would that be based on her looks or the issues she stands behind? Just curious.
Honesty will go a long way right now

posted on Aug, 30 2008 @ 06:49 AM
I am with Palin on a great many issues.

1: I dont like the fact that Obama , I believe would virtually eliminate guns, and I truely believe this is what he would do

The problem with Guns in america is that immature behavior lack of responsability and bad reasons are the motivating factors for alot of people

Cheenys incident was... a mockery of every good reason to not ban guns and he is indicitive of the weekend warrior metality that ruins the NRA

I belive Palin is, a genuine outdoors woman, lives in a place where rape is a big problem given the male to female ratio and, she is a great example of responsible gun ownership and use, she could... run circles around Cheeny in the woods

I think that, ost of these gun toting politicans on the Republican end have no touch with the real uses for, need to have and ability to use a gun and have awful input on the subject

You get these people who, kill animals for no reason, shoot them in the air, act like idiots, don't store them safely, show off and from her back ground I can tell, this is a woman who understands a gun and would be a force for enacting sane legislation that penalizes those who make a shame out of the 2nd Amendment by behavior while not damaging it.

Obama says these things but he's a baner, he's a guy who thinks people shouldn't have guns and i'm sorry but, criminals don't care if they get a year in jail when they decide to shut you for illegal possesion of a gun, they know they might face murder charges too

People shouldn't be violated to get at criminals when criminals are criminals and don't care. I think this woman is the first person in a long time that has a grip on the subject because male or not most of these guys are clueless in terms of handling a gun...

2: Abortion, I doubt roe vs wade will ever be overturned, but with that said, abortion disturbs me, never should a woman be forced to have a child if she is raped or might get sick

But I'm adopted and...I would be in a test tube now in a garbage pail given todays standards on the subject

Young women shouldn't be using abortion as birth control, this woman is a great example, in practice of having children and being happy and having a fulfilled life and babies are treated in our society as an STD

There is plenty fo birth control and if a child is formed, it should be brough to term, it's Mc donalds mentality about life that says having a child will ruin your life, and a sick system that doesn't support women enough that are mothers nor look upon them as contributors to society

She stes an example and opposes abortion, I like it... I had a child with a woman I knew 2 months, and, i couldn't do it, couldn't say the word Have an abortion...

My sons birthday is next week, he is 9

what else can I say, it was worth every hardship, every once of pain along the way, my life is better, i'm a better person, more mature, more stable... in everyway

Women shouldn't feel like a child will ruin their lives, she is living proof, that doesn't have to be the case

and... sex is out of control anyway, there should be some risk and there is already birth control, I would have smacked me 10 years ago for saying that, but it's true, sex is not the reason you live, some responsability and self esteem in who you sleep with is needed by young girls, it is a Power, to attract men, it shouldn't be handed over easy, it is better to exercise some judgement and not be like men who act like animals particularly when young

Some risk and need for self control is needed the ways to avoid becoming pregnant exist, STDs are rampant and aids is pretty bad and a down tone of the importance of Lust is a good thing

3: Early Education, not much I can say here , she supports it, she has 5 kids, she lived it I have lived it, Americans get stupider by the hour.

people in here have said things like what is her experience the PTA... how is that an insult? Yeah maybe it is lol and maybe alot of her friends were teachers, Obama can promise the world, he does not know more about the school sysytem particularly public school, doubt he was ever in public school then a mom of five

and we are churning out morons, she is the better perosn to help education in this country, kids need to start young

4: Oil, no more foreign oil, Obama promised to support Green Energy, i work in green Energy part time, Bio Diesel, It doesn't need help, the curve for price at the pump will make it our source of oil

In the meantime we need to pour everything we have, we can't support this, we can't fight wars over it or compete in Asia and fight to the death and have WW3 over oil when we have all we need, in 20 years long before we run dry, we won't be using ground oil, the price will be too high

and the environment stuff is nonsense, there is Millions of acres in Alaska that will be untouched, Alaska is huge, our coasts are Huge

and in 20 years, they will be coming down anyway and the land will be free again

No cash for the saudis, no fight in Iraq or ww3 in asia for oil, we have plenty it's american jobs and people act like we are going to go out and dump the oil in the ocean not our cars... it's ridiculous accidents happen but aren't the norm

and most of all, barack is in terms of equal rights, not the important figure, there are maybe 22% of Americans that are African American? Not sure exactly, but 51% of Americans are women and of those African Americans 51% are also... Women

Women are far more of a group that needs an uplift and representation and role model, African American Women by far have the short end of the stick in this country and This woman is an example of a real woman, not some Butchy janet Reno or other woman no Girl would ever aspire to be like, no young girl will look at Hillary and go Mommy I want to be President one day

If you want to lift this economy, assure SS gets paid, decrease taxes, comptee in science and work in a communicatio and service industry time in American history, be able to fight a war with real human power.

Women need to be uplifted and be respected for womens stregnths, it's half our poplulation, children will see that there are tax payers to pay social security, children will grow up and share the tax burden and do 10x anything Obama could do with a tax cut... he supports abortion, Not Mothers, Mothers make babies People pay taxes and the burden is distributed, we are declining in numbers in an idiotic attempt at environmenatlism and idealism, thats why taxes are high on the working man, thats why ss is in jepordy

all the things Obama promises he can not deliver

Wome need a role model, half our society Plus some... shown nothing but ugly angry women ... a little girl needs to be encouraged in science and engineering and computers and also that she can be a mother too... doesn't have to give up her Femininity and be a man

This is why her Beauty matters to me. For young girls to understand being powerful doesn't mean being a Man, that they can embrace their mind and still be Girls too, they can be tough and still act like a woman.

Young girls see the examples before them and don't take a hillary as real role model, she is bitchy, unpretty cold and loud and she's the best we had to offer girls

In a communication era women can be the equal of men in this economy and do alot of it from home too which is amazing there are no barriers yet young girls strip instead of go to school

Being a "girl" is an obstacle men don't take them seriously, it's a great weakening of this country in this modern era

Sarah, she trumps Obama in terms of a group that needs uplifting, in terms of being a role model where one is needed most

Obama, hesitates to let his wife speak, says "leave my wife alone" LOL Srah plain carries agun, has 5 kids, buys them pets, is a Governor running up against man, she IS Sexy and she can damn well verbally defend herself

With women being half my country who do I want My Daughter to see up there !!!! Obama with his wife standing Behind him like the Islamics he Can RELATE WITH... or Palin standing at the Presdents side?

What kind of man do I want my son to be a guy who... prevents his wife from speaking or a man who can deal with his wife being VP?

Palin all the way... and lol I'm okay with her as president if Mccain Kicks, I like this Lady

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posted on Aug, 30 2008 @ 07:18 AM
She is kinda' hot. In one of her photos she looked like Mary Ann. ( Gilligan's Island. For those too young to know)


posted on Aug, 30 2008 @ 07:22 AM
reply to post by mopusvindictus

Dude be honest, did you even know who she was less then 24 hours ago...

If not isn't your choice rather knee jerk???

Goodluck to us all!!!

posted on Aug, 30 2008 @ 07:29 AM
reply to post by jhill76

And you know what people are starring this (your post) and not understanding the point of this thread.

I am willing to bet most of us in here were bright kids, many of us Dorks...

and what were we taught our whole lives? Brains and looks can't go together.

It took me to my late teens to break that mold, it was hard to be popular and be smart too.

Lets face it, Obama is liked because he reminds people of kennedy he throws a great speech, he's young optimistic and he's pasionate and Good Looking

The president is a figure head, a leader, this isn't Russia, the president is a role model, the president is a person who needs to inspire Americans Kennedy was very bright but it wasn't the reason he was loved, he was loved for inspiration and charisma and speech above all else and we are dying for another Kennedy ( particularly after this pair)

A woman an attractive woman can play that role too!

If you don't like the politics, then fine, but she is very smart, very articulate very bright and an extremely tough lady and Girls need some real inspiration in this country to be more than meat

If you want a genius, or business genius for the economy, convince Bill Gates and Warren Buffet to run...

But they don't, you know why?

Because they know in America the presidency is a figure head position and that the quality of the congress and the senate and the supreme court determine the law and that thousand sof litigators and the media and public opinion determine a whole lot too.

The president, provides Direction and leadership, signs and opposes bills...

The situation we got into with Bush won't be repeated, he went in siezeing power after agendas and didn't guide, but rather took control of the country

It's not a factor with either set, my concern was there with Mccain but not with this woman on board and, Obama has a social agenda and that can be , maybe not a good thing

But Looks matter, Young girls will look at Palin and say hey, i can be president, you want that person to be an example have morale fiber, they all have those qualities... the basic opinions and big issues are not that dramatic, all 4 of them are real...

My Opinion... and only my opinion, Women need more of a role model right now than anyone else and this woman is a great example, she will be advised by generals and by staff and the pentagon and...

Unlike Bush who fought a war with cheeny like a game of battle ship, these 4 all will go back to listening to thier advisors who know what they are talking about...

We can't base anything on this last administration and pretend like the president needs 80 years experience, or has to know military history...

UNLIKE this last adminsitration the president is supposed to have advisors they pick to help them make decisions then make a judgement call... any normal president in America works this way

we shouldn't judge these candidates by... grades in school, or years in office, they are leaders. Are they strong or weak, peaceful or aggressive, for the poor or the rich, is environment or business more imprtant, do they have families how do they runtheir family

Palin vs Obama... it's not superficial to say, is a more compassionate person, runs a better family

It's not superficial to look at them and ask what portion of America will they inspire or make a major basis on charisma... a huge part of the job is making friends with other leaders, Looks and Charisma matter, they matter a whole dang lot

A president shouldn't be, controling the economy a presidents staff should be doing most of the leg work and a leader Picks experts and has a knack for that, all 4 are good in that arena

Look, just... a president is a leader not an expert okay? We should vote from the heart, not because a person went to yale business school...

that person will be a know it all dictator and rather than team working on the economy or a war, you get a self proclaimed expert...

That's not the presidents job

We are all scared because of Bush, because we had 2 huge Ego's in office that made every decision by themselves like two couch generals commando over the whole USA

That's why it was all a botch job... frankly I think Obama, is letting it go to his head a bit, I think McCain and Palin are more toned down...

Change, Change, Change He wants to run $hi7, like Bush, in a differnt way, maybe not in a way that wreck the global scene but maybe not good for my life either, but he is a bit radical

No one will ever come close to those 2 prior regardless, but we can't be scared and rip the president like they should be experts in everything because... what we have been living with was Putin in a way, a dictator a Guy running a country

Our system isn't suppossed to be like that, we are all judgeing these candidates expecting them to lord the nation "McCain will be like Bush because he's a Republican, Obama will change everything for the worse..."

I doubt it, this last 16 years, Clinton too was... kind of a freak but they listened more to their advisors, but these two were... Crazy! Ego Maniacs, Cheenys fighting the war from his laptop in Mt Weather

It's been nuts

But these 4 are humans... at least compared to what came before...all of them, we can go on personality and intent and charisma and general direction...

that's all a president should be... we aren't electing another dictator


It's none of our faults, what happened, it isn't, people come along and lie and sieze power for themselves, there is no sure way to know when they are campaigning, we can't give every potential leader a colon exame because... one serious nuts took over, nor fear it happening again and blame the party or anything like that

Cross your fingers, pray, that in the next 4 months... he doesn't get us all killed

and, after that, it will all be okay unless the stirrred up hornets nest comes after us, hopefully it wont and if it does, no matter who gets in, they will be taking advice from the pros not fighting ww3 on a wii from in a bunker and laughinng about it

In the end I have great feeling about this woman alot of people have a great feeling about Obama

If you feel that way about anyone from either side, there is a seriously good chance this insanity can come to an end...

No one felt this way about Bush Kerry or Gore...

The Rebublicans have a real ticket and someones is on it that... is a real person, Amen

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posted on Aug, 30 2008 @ 07:45 AM
reply to post by mental modulator

I knew her, I didn't know nearly as much as I do now... but I knew her.

Bush and this situation is so crazy I knew Alaska very well in terms of my GTFO in sit x scenarios... and she was a reason Alaska was on my mind alot this last year

But it is a relief, a giant relief, because Mccain is coming on with a Human Being an outsider a real person

That I don't have to go to the ultra liberal Obama and his agenda

There is a washington outsider on a Republican Ticket

She's not a Neo Con bro, McCains not a NeoCon... there won't be a Dick Cheeny on his ear while in office if he gets in...

Do you know what a relief and how far up my odds of survival went in that announcement?

He's running on a genuine republican family value ticket bro, he didn't pick a F'n Hawk

This lady will not be in Mt Weather all year plotting the destruction of nations, she is into things that while conservative are normal American issues and ideas

Business as usual... not Pinky and the Brain

and that seriously is what we have had for 8 years Pinky and the Brain

I want a republican because we stirred up alot and we need, we do, we need the toughness, we need the defense held...

But if he had picked a Neo Con, we were screwed because Obamas plan to make everything all fuzzy will not work

This lady was Not picked by him because he's planning on coquering things, he will end the war from a position of strgenth but...he's not going the GW route... not with her, sahe was picked because he is interested in America, like conservative politics or not

No One knew where this guy was going until today, would he put a Neo con in or not?

I'm saying thank G-d tonight, honestly... People were saying leiberman... OMG pro israeli nut...

This is such a relief man, come on... I don't care about politics... I just want a normal president...

and Barck is really well meaning but radical, in the opposite way of Bush... but this is a mellower ticket than Reagan who had Bush Sr ruining him whispering eveil empure stuff in his ear the whole time...

It's an American ticket not a friggin... Emeror Palpatine and his puppet Darth Bush

posted on Aug, 30 2008 @ 07:59 AM
All I know is that shes a lifetime NRA member... that makes her about 100 times sexier already!

She's got my vote. (Even though I havent got one).

posted on Aug, 30 2008 @ 08:02 AM
I think that Palin is a total PILF!!!

Politician I'd Like To .....

I am curious to see how McCain's VP pick will play on Hillary supporters.

posted on Aug, 30 2008 @ 08:14 AM

Originally posted by mopusvindictus
But there has never to my knowledge been an Attractive woman president anywhere.
What is the reaction of Islamic nations when they have to confront and deal with not only a Woman in office, but a Sexy Powerful Woman in the Oval Office?

Benizar Bhutto, President of Pakistan:

Plus when one considers the nature of Pakistan, where people can be locked up or disappear with no fuss, it adds more meaning to the word "powerful".

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posted on Aug, 30 2008 @ 08:36 AM
Well Amen, That woman was groundbreaking, she deserves a statue and she was a Woman and Beautiful too. So the point of Only, gladly retracted!

But look what that woman was put through.

You know what it boils down to for me?

McCain is what 72? He's old and his energy level can't be that high. Since 1980 in this country the VP has controlled the nation aside from Clinton

Bush was the power behind Reagan and Cheeny behinf Bush

I believe that this is one strong Lady and, in a way, she will be President


after this, insanity, America doesn't need a radical, we don't need machismo, we don't need a Kennedy wannabe who will go toe to toe with Putin like The Cuban Missile crisis...

This country needs to heal, we are stressed, overworked, mental and nervous and we need... a Mother figure, we really do we need strong moral guidance and it needs to be Compassionate Conservatism

A word invented by Republican Men but never fulfilled because they don't know how or even what that means, this Lady can embody the reality of Compasionate Conservatism, in a way i think it can maybe only come from a Mother figure

and she's a bigger hit against islam for who she is then an atomic bomb could ever be and in a way... a tribuite and statement to what happened to Benazir Bhutto

Be we do, we need something different and... a radical approach is radical, we need real CHANGE and Obama is just more Ego just in a different direction

Whe your sick you need your mom not your dad and after this last 8 years we are ill, we need what i think a woman can deliver, not a woman like Hillary an abomination of greed and power but a real woman who knows how to take care of a family, what it means to be human...

because we are, we are all twisted, the stress of it all...

Male Female, Black White... a good person who doesn't have delusions of grandeur in office, a person who will help bring calm

Obama promises radical change, maybe... in time, right now, conservative, moral, healing calm... no rush movements, no major changes just calm, a restoration of a non anxiety driven state is enough

we have our whole lives for Change... we just are coming through and are in the height of a Trauma...

The sytem needs change, but it needs to be stabilized first because it's rocked to the point of breaking...

Please, no revolution, just calm, just sane, just stop the boat from rocking so hard, I fear... Obama despite al good intentions could swing so hard the other way we capsize

posted on Aug, 30 2008 @ 08:58 AM

Originally posted by mopusvindictus
and she's a bigger hit against islam for who she is then an atomic bomb could ever be and in a way... a tribuite and statement to what happened to Benazir Bhutto

I don't think she would be annoying or threatening to Muslim leaders. I would bet Ahmadinejad would probably like dealing with her than some others. Iranian women are pretty strong willed as a whole, and usually dominate the household, so he would not find it all that shocking.

I have mixed feelings on Palin, she comes across (so far) as very sincere. She is definitely in touch with "real life", particularly having 5 kids including the disabled kid, and even though I am pro-choice I would respect her opinions on abortion because she has walked the walk.

It is also great that she is an NRA member, but her views on the environment are scary; she even wants to allow aerial hunting polar bears and wolves. I do not like that at all.

posted on Aug, 30 2008 @ 09:18 AM

Originally posted by mental modulator
reply to post by mopusvindictus

IMHLO we are in some serious economic bad times and I don't see how
trying the same economics will solve anything...

Have a look at Alaska's financial situation and look inot how she made that happen before you start spewing that same old talking point.

posted on Aug, 30 2008 @ 09:21 AM
reply to post by Fathom

Yeah, considering that Palin sent out $1200 checks to Alaskan taxpayers earlier this year, paid for by a tax increase on, wait for it....BIG OIL, I don't think its fair to say that she represents 'economics as usual'.

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