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Fox is using dissent - rejection programming...

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posted on Aug, 29 2008 @ 05:02 PM
I noticed a conversation between a guy trying to tell people that the Fannie Mae student loans - are bad, and do not protect the consumer - but it seriously indebtedness of the borrower.. (I think) I was paying attention to body language and hand g esters and oral rejection as only fox can diss someone.
you know -- result to broad assault instead of discussion.
after thinking about it... I extrapolate the following....
this is sub liminal - how to behave type programing thats really basic bonding programming... let ne give you an example ... remember those pants that were like 20 sizes too big and lets your ass hang out. they called that a fashion... OK, its actually, a statement that I belong to this group... sort of like a tattoo of a or red hair... some say its rebellion .. but I believe it is programming ... cuz every 5 or so years another Fade will have through society... beanie babies... ..
well if they are doing this type of reprogramming of the population then we have a problem.... they are actually, going to get society to turn us people over to the authorities for one thing or another... this is that program that Stalen and Hitler put into motion and here they are using it here as well...
scary ... crap .... we know what comes after the campaign ... and that really sucks for people who believe in the founders ideals... cuz, it most certainly isn't the same ideals of the powers that be...

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