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Whaaa's review of Hamlet 2

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posted on Aug, 28 2008 @ 06:30 PM
I'm an extra in this movie, and I was excited about seeing myself on the big screen. My big scene lasted for about .5 seconds and I barely could recognize myself. My GF got some good screen time though.

Don't go see this movie unless you really like unnecessary stupid profanity. My language is spiced with plenty of expletives but this stupid
movie sounded like a mid school boys sleepover.

Actually the concept was pretty good and could have been creative but some how got bogged down with silly sight gags and corney racist jokes.
Sloppy direction, acting that was supposed to be funny but wasn't.
Fairly creative scenery and camera work and characters that even fools couldn't really identify with.

There were some amusing scenes but a far cry from $13 worth.

posted on Aug, 28 2008 @ 07:27 PM
Cool, thanks.
I was waiting for someone to see it first, lol. I was excited when the ads promoted "from the co-writer of South Park" but a quick trip to IMDB taught me that the "co-writer" wasn't Matt or Trey, it was Pam Brady.

That took the air out of the sails for me, but I was willing to give it a try provided that someone else saw it first and liked it

posted on Aug, 28 2008 @ 07:37 PM
reply to post by Alora

As much as I'd like for my BTS compadres see my big .05 sec. screen debut; save your money; don't even rent the dvd.

There were some very sacreligious scenes that normally I would have appreciated but they couldn't even pull that off.

What the film makers did do however it take a nasty, grimy, dirty set in an abandoned train yard and make it look semi glamorous with graffiti and lights.

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