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Time to be proud of Denver and America

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posted on Aug, 26 2008 @ 02:41 PM
Many people here have been eagerly anticipating, nearly quivering on the edge of their seats, for there to be some disaster in Denver during the DNC. I am a Colorado native and have lived in Denver for 20 years, I grew up here..

I dont want to 'jump the gun' but things are going great here. The law enforcement is visible, yes, but they too are citezens of this great country. This country that is on the cusp of waking up, on the threshold of change for the better.

Why do we sometimes crave disaster, why did so many anticipate this to be some jumping off point for the New World Order?

Maybe it is...maybe this is a crucial moment, an event that will serve as an axis for the rotation into ascension and peace and unity that may come as we approach 2012.

Let's be optimistic, all it takes is for each one of us to overcome the darkness within ourselves...if evrybody learned to do that, think where we would be...the greys and 'watchers' or whatever they are would whither! Along with their neo-con fascist puppets!


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