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ancient space-faring civilization

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posted on Aug, 25 2008 @ 08:20 PM

Well.... it seems to be en vogue to post completely crazy stuff without any sort of evidence so I thought I would propose a story that has a few shreds of possible evidence for those who might be inclined to look for them.

The World According to Euclid

The human species developed from nothing tens of millions of years ago. How you say? Easy. The universe is comprised of self organizing quantum information patterns (QIP's) at a fundamental level of reality.

The QIP's quickly formed into "homo sapiens sapiens" along side other forms of life on the planet. As we got on with the neanderthals and cro-magnons we killed them off because they were less intelligent, as QIP's and poorly adaptive. They lacked the ability that we had to improvise-adapt-overcome; thus homo sapiens sapiens inherited the earth.

As we progressed through the ages our civilization flourished and in no time we built space ships and began to colonize this solar system. We had civilizations on every habitable planet, planetiod, moon in this system, outposts, deep space mining operations, planetary and intra-solar-system defense systems, we built megalithic structures on this planet and others and essentially raped the resources of our system for the benefit of our civilization.

Time progresses and we decided to push out even further into the surrounding galaxy; expanding our sphere of influence. It was at that time, possibly 2 to 3 million years ago that we encountered a machine race.

Some how or other we got in a fight with the machines and they pretty well kicked our butts. They destroyed our civilization and people like Hoagland & Van Flander look at the pieces of our lost heritage strewn throughout our solar system now and wonder "what is that? a rock or structure with amazing bilateral symmetry?". The large craters in some planets and moons aren't from meteor/asteroid impacts but from our own defense systems that the machine race took over and turned against us. They used our own weapons against us and defeated us. We fought them as well as we could.... but it was a losing battle and only a matter of time before we had to concede or become extinct.

When they had beaten us back to our home world Mars they turned it's planetary defense system against it destroyed our primary civilization there. Then they went to Earth.....

Earth was in the final stages of being terraformed and some of our elite sought refuge there. Our leaders sent the machine race a message and told them, "We surrendered unconditionally.... "

The machines listened to our transmission of unconditional surrender and accepted it. They had devastated our intra-solar infrastructure and destroyed any technologies we had on earth at that time.

As part of the surrender they imposed certain conditions:

1. They modified the human survivors of their genocide against our species so that we would have a shortened life-span.
2. They erased all traces of our history and destroyed any technology that they could find.
3. They forbade any human from being able to learn to read or write.
4. They appointed kings and priests and created a mythos that their puppet theocratic rulers would teach to the young... thus ensuring that the later generations of humans would have no memory of their origin, history or that they were slaves to the machines.
5. They forbade the teaching of our true history and heritage.
6. They forced the leaders to accept that the human species was now owned by the machine race and that they could exterminate us at their whim.

Today the alien machines still monitor us using the shard and other technology on the moon; that used to be one of our own intergalactic communications relay and transport system. Any technology that was left in our solar system they modified to their use and use it against us; to monitor us. They have quarantined us on this planet and when we reach a level of technology that they deem is out side the limits of the surrender agreement our ancestors submitted too they return to blast us back into the stoneage.... thus resetting the cycle.

The Galactic Federation of Planets, which we were never a member of, accedes to the machine race's victory and "custodianship" over our planet and species; and that is why the GFP does not get involved. Our ancestors surrendered and intergalactic law dictates that because the machines have full right to do with us and our planet as they wish, since they have ownership; like Strieber said to the alien, "you have no right...", and the alien said, "yes we do".

There ya go....


[edit on 25-8-2008 by euclid]

posted on Aug, 25 2008 @ 08:47 PM
nice idea for a novel but my homo homo sapien brain just can't get around all this

but anyway this would be the best theory if true, which we could never prove ever within the time-span of our lives, so put my brain in a jar and implant it into a cloned body in the year 4734 so general mohilio can brief me on my mission to destroy the communist machine race and withhold our footing in the universe once again!

posted on Dec, 30 2008 @ 09:56 PM
Pretty cool theory, Euclid.
I take it by 'shreds of evidence' you might be referring in part to the Data's Head artifact?

Something else that jives somewhat is the machine-like quality of some unexplained phenomena; the red eye trance that John Keel describes could be related as well as the technological aspects of other such pseudo-spiritual events (being a large number of UFO encounters)

Interesting stuff.


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