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What's the education on...

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posted on Aug, 21 2008 @ 04:46 PM
...a suitcase packed with cell phones in the non-carry on compartment?

^^That is, if they all are called at once, just how long would it take for the microwave aspect, that some claimed can pop popcorn, to heat up a fuel department part of an airplane so that it goes KABOOM?

After scientific education was there a rule put against packing a crap load of cell phones in the non-carry on suitcases that go on the plane somewhere seperate from the passengers?

If someone tapes a cell phone onto the fuel tank of a car, and then calls it, will it ignite the fuel?

Can a countries military satellite exposed a fuel tank of an airplane if it homed in on a plane and shot a potent enough microwave beam? Wasnt there a plane that no investigation solved as to why it expoided a long time ago?

Hell, I'd be scared to fly if this "can" be true. Hell, I would be more scared if I were a fall guy used only to be gotten rid of by my own governement. I'd be scared if I were a candidate running for pres or an apointed member of a presidential cabinet. If China wanted to get rid of a countries leader they could beam a plane from space or the ground from anywhere if this is possible. Why go after bomb making materials when you can go after unlooked at microwave materials or even build them from within any country?

They have yet to build planes with microwave detecters so that it may be given warning and may be recorded if the plane does blow up because of a level of cell phones being used.

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