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What are Jim Marrs' views on Extra-terrestrials?

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posted on Aug, 21 2008 @ 12:00 PM
As we all know, Jim Marrs is one of the best and brightest researchers in the conspiracy community. Now, I always felt that Mr. Marrs believed the "Alien Agenda" was not a benevolent one.

However, I was a bit confused on where he stands after his recent Coast to Coast AM appearance, when he stated there was a possibility the elite would use an "alien threat" as an excuse to unite the world into a one-world government. He mentioned the recent wave of events (Vatican approving belief in aliens, etc...) were only serving to condition the masses to consider the possibility of extra-terrestrial life.

Is he implying this possible alien threat will NOT be real?

I believe he disregarded the possibility of aliens wanting to take over the world. He said that since the phenomena can be traced to ancient times, these advanced aliens would've ALREADY taken over the planet if they had wanted to.

Does anyone feel that the alien threat will possibly be real?

Isn't there a possibility that these aliens HAVE taken over?

We know there's men who control the world behind-the-scenes, but could they not be following the agenda of an evil entity...whether you want to call that entity Lucifer or the reptilians. I'd like to hear your thoughts on this


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