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Prediction:Bill Clinton has a seizure or stroke

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posted on Mar, 17 2004 @ 12:41 AM
This prediction came from a dream I had last night, which was strange because I usually don't dream about politicians.

There was a convention or something going on, and president Clinton was on stage in front of a podium. He started giving a speech, although I can't recall what the subject matter was, and after a minute or so he started looking sort of pale. Then in the middle of a sentence his face sort of twitched and he paused. He started repeating the sentence he was on and, again, in the middle of the sentence his face became contorted, but this time he gripped at the podium and then fell. A few people nearby on the stage ran to where he lay on the floor and started saying, "Mr. President! Mr. President?" but he didn't move. It seemed that he had had some sort of seizure or stroke, but I'm not sure which. Paramedics came, put him on a stretcher, and took him away in an ambulance. Then I woke up.

I don't usually have premonitions about other people, so it was probably just a wierd dream, but I thought I'd post it just for the hell of it.

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