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Bertelsmann : Controlling your world.

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posted on Aug, 20 2008 @ 04:22 AM
edit : SORRY! Can someone please move this to the proper forum!? My mistake!

Ever heard of Bertelsmann? Chance are you have but didn't know it. I didn't hear their proper name until last week on Coast2Coast AM however Bertelsmann is the B in the BMG music group. They also own a BUNCH of stuff. However they are important to me because they supported the nazis in a big way :

" During World War II, Bertelsmann was the biggest single producer of Nazi propaganda. " - wiki

" In 2002 Bertelsmann admitted that they lied about their involvement with Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party, which included making profits from slave labour and publishing propaganda. The revelations came to light during their takeover of US book publisher Random House in 1998; Bertelsmann used a revised account of their Nazi past to smooth the deal. "

Bertelsmann Wikipedia

Current holdings :

(see next post)

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posted on Aug, 20 2008 @ 04:23 AM

Mohn Media Gruppe
Prinovis - JV with Axel Springer AG and Gruner und Jahr AG
Sonopress in Germany, North America, Latin America, South Africa, Australia
arvato services
arvato systems
arvato mobile

Direct Group
Bertelsmann BookClub (China)
Bertrand (Portugal)
BMG Music Service
BOL China
BOL Great Britain
BCA Great Britain
Bookspan (USA) (50%)
Architects & Designers Book Service
Behavioral Science Book Club
Black Expressions
Book-of-the-Month Club
Children's Book-of-the-Month Club
Computer Books Direct
Country Homes & Gardens
Crafter's Choice
Discovery Channel Book Club
Doubleday Book Club
Doubleday Large Print
Early Childhood Teachers Club
The Good Cook
History Book Club
Intermediate & Middle Grades Book Club
The Library of Speech-Language Pathology
The Literary Guild
The Military Book Club
Mystery Guild
One Spirit
Outdoorsman's Edge
Nurse's Book Society
Primary Teachers' Book Club
Reader's Subscription
Scientific American Book Club
Science Fiction Book Club
Circulo de Lectores (Spain)
Círculo de Leitores (Portugal)
Der Club (Germany)
Donauland (Austria)
ECI (Netherlands)
France Loisirs (France)
Quebec Loisirs (Canada)
The BookClub (Korea)

RTL Group (90%) which owns...
Programming and Distribution
25% of Sportfive
UFA Film & TV Productions
104.6 RTL (Berlin)
Antenne Bayern (Germany)
Antenne Mecklenburg (Germany)
Antenne Thueringen (Germany)
Bel RTL (Belgium)
Fun Radio (France)
Hit-Radio Antenne (Germany)
Oldie 95 (Hamburg)
Radio Hamburg (Hamburg)
Radio NRW (Germany)
Radio Ton (Germany)
RTL (France)
RTL 2 (France)
RTL Radio - Die Besten Hits aller Zeiten (Germany, Belgium, northern France)
Yorin FM (Netherlands)
M6 (France) (48.2%)
n-tv (Germany)
RTL Television (Germany)
RTL II (Germany)
RTL 4 (Netherlands)
RTL 5 (Netherlands)
RTL 7 (Netherlands)
RTL 8 (Netherlands)
RTL Klub (Hungary)
RTL Televizija (Croatia)
RTL TVI (Belgium)
Super RTL (Germany)
Traumpartner TV (Germany)
VOX (Germany)
five (UK)

Gruner + Jahr (74.9%)
Claudia (Poland)
Femme Actuelle (France)
Focus (Italy) (50%)
Gala (France)
Geo (Russia)
Mia (Spain)
Muy Interesante (Spain)
Naj (Poland)
National Geographic (Poland)
News (Austria)(56.03%)
Prima (France)
Tele-Loisirs (France)
Top Girl (Italy)
TV Times (Austria) (56.03%)
Essen & Trinken
Schöner Wohnen
Financial Times Deutschland (50%)
Sächsische Zeitung (60%)

United States

Random House which owns...
Publishing Houses
Alfred A. Knopf (USA)
Anchor Books
Ballantine Books (USA)
Ballantine Reader's Circle
Del Rey Books
Del Rey Manga
Del Rey/LucasBooks
Fawcett Publications
One World
Broadway (USA)
C. Bertelsmann (Germany)
Doubleday (USA)
Black Ink/Harlem Moon
Currency Business Books
Doubleday Graphic Novels
Doubleday Religion
Nan A. Talese
Everyman's Library
Goldmann (Germany)
Karl Blessing Verlag (Germany)
Pantheon Books (USA)
Random House UK (UK)
Andersen Press
David Fickling Books
Schocken Books
Siedler Verlag (Germany)
Sudamericana (Argentina)
Transworld (UK)
Bantam Press
Black Swan
Corgi Audio
Eden Books
Partridge Press
Black Lizard

Sony BMG Music Entertainment (50%)
Columbia Records
Arista Records
Epic Records
J Records
Jive Records
Legacy Recordings
RCA Records
RCA Victor
Sony BMG Masterworks
Sony BMG Nashville

posted on Nov, 10 2008 @ 08:55 PM
reply to post by LoveKnowledge

I have a work-case against Bertelsmann Arvato's Microsoft Scandinavian Product Activation, where the staff were treated like slaves, I think I have to say.

They used illigal management-methods and I was harassed/attacked half to death by the managers there.

I had a meeting with the Managing Director, which resulted in nothing, exept for me losing my job.

(It also seemed to me that some of the women working there, probably have been used as 'office-whores', or something like that.

A lot of the women/girls working there, were crying at work, without explaining properly why).

I've tried to contact the Police here in the UK, the IPCC, the CAB, the Law Society, several law-firms etc., but noone want's to deal with the case.

They are all lieing and harassing me, to try to get me to give up the case, it seems to me.

I'll find a couple of links to the case, if anyone are interested.

Thanks in advance for any interest in the case!


Erik Ribsskog


Here are the mentioned links (it's the same files, but presented differently, so I add both links):

posted on Apr, 7 2012 @ 03:51 PM
reply to post by LoveKnowledge

Very interesting indeed.
Whats your source?

posted on Apr, 7 2012 @ 06:57 PM
reply to post by rocket88

I would also like to see a source, although I do believe you, as it would be pointless to go and list all those companies if they in fact did not truly own them.

Good job OP....

What I want to know is......who owns Rand-McNally ? ( not sure on spelling )

Because they are responsible for our History books amongst other books, for grades k-12 here in the USA and pretty much what we are taught in History is laughable and most can be proven to be about 20% of all real information actually.

I noticed they publish and are HUGE into books, which most people have forgotten how important books really are..= the reason I asked above question.

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