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The end from the beginning... Sodom/Gomorah = Hiroshima/Nagasaki

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posted on Aug, 19 2008 @ 02:28 PM
The end from the beginning. First shall be last and Last shall be first.

If the bible were a mirror, what would it say? Well, you would have to look into that mirror to find out. You would see a reflection of an image that was exactly opposite of yourself. You could touch the image only to find no depth to it, yet you could see the depth, but not pierce it to reveal the person on the other side as alive, but only an exact opposite of you with no depth and a limited range of travel.

Imagine language as a bowed mirror. You would look into it and begin to laugh or cry, seeing the distorted image. A thin man now looks fat and vice/versa, or perhaps you can make your eye bigger than your nose...this is fun, but not a true representation of who you are, just a funhouse mirror and a game.

Sodom and Gomorrah...people have heard of these names wither a Jew, or a Christian, an Atheist or a Ventriloquist, a Wizard, or a Car Salesman. One of the names constitutes a law in many states and countries around the world prohibiting the act for which it is named after. Sodomy. This is the fun house mirror causing some to laugh and some to cry, but is not a true representation of what it means, only a watered down anglicized word having nothing to do with the original.

Sodom comes from the word Cdom and means "to scorch". Gomorrah comes from Am-o-raw and means "a ruined heap" which is the base of yet another word aw-mar and means "to chastise". Both of these words are spoken of for the attributes of Volcanic activity hence "to scorch" and "a ruined heap"

One of the most volcanic regions of the world lies along the pacific rim along the Asian countries. Japan is very well known for their earthquakes and volcano's to which many legends have been linked to the likes of "Godzilla" and other various monsters that "shake the landscape".

We saw in August of 1945 the detonation of two atomic bombs that would forever change the way "wars" are conducted upon the face of the earth, causing all to hesitate, before engaging in battle against such awesome power, the likes of has not been seen again to this day, being used on a population as to utterly pulverize them.

People don't realize this or at least most don't, that Sodom and Gomorrah, where not destroyed, because of homo-sexual acts. They were destroyed because they were waring against the rest of the world and against Abraham (father of many nations) as aggressors and were seen as wicked because of their lust to fight. Pearl harbor in a sense was Sodomy, in the act of a surprise attack from the rear or flank to become "a day that will live in infamy". In 1945 another two days became as such on August the 6th and again on the 9th. These are fitting numbers for our mirror a ying and yang of war.

If you read at the end of Genesis, you will find the statement that "these are the Geological Annuls of ALL the Hosts of Heaven in the day they were made"...This ALL being spoke of, is the Beginning to the End of the Genesis. ALL the Hosts of Heaven Complete. Every Man, Woman, Child of every Generation of every nation of every race beginning to end under the sun.

Hiroshima/Nagasaki were a wake up call to those with ears to hear and eyes to see.

On Sept. 11 2001 another great biblical event happened, yet it is seen through the fun house mirror once more unrecognized in a backward fashion, for we can not tell the end from the beginning, only the season in which the turn over will happen or am I just speaking a bunch of babel?

If you were reflecting on the mirror, seeing that the first shall be last and the last shall be first, could you guess what approaches ever so quickly? Would that reflection scare you, if you then realized what has been fulfilled before your very eyes in this generation...the last? Would you understand that a star is about to be born under your feet and what you thought could never happen will?


posted on Aug, 19 2008 @ 03:17 PM
interesting, so WTC = tower of babylon

so what is next in the bible then? moses unleashing fury on egypt?
well who is egypt than? and who are the jews?

also, what about the flood and noah?

the only exodus i can think of coming soon is mans venture into outer space, leaving earth behind colonizing the stars...

am i following you decently here? lol

so what do u think the next passages relate to?

i think you have a good theory because "History repeats itself" as they say

posted on Aug, 19 2008 @ 07:07 PM

Originally posted by letthereaderunderstand

People don't realize this or at least most don't, that Sodom and Gomorrah, where not destroyed, because of homo-sexual acts. They were destroyed because they were waring against the rest of the world and against Abraham (father of many nations) as aggressors and were seen as wicked because of their lust to fight.


dang, you've got a real strange interpetation.

its clear that Sodom & Gomorrah were focal points in the then civilized world... of humanity going against the laws of nature..a society of perverts,
because the example given to readers was that Lot, his wife, and his daughters were encouraged to engage in hedonistic self pleasure
(which they declined to do)

the probability that the actual two cities existed, and then were incinerated
is a remote possibility... the cities were metaphors or fictional examples of a 'wrathful' god/"yhwh"...who could send instantaneous destruction on powerful centers of mankind at will... [total BS imho]
so as to make both the Hebrews and the indigenous peoples of the palestine tremble in fear.

there's no geological evidence that a volcanic eruption
(like Pompei) ever happened along the region of the Dead Sea where the two city-states pre-history

give me/us something more to go on....your theory hit a dead end to my thinking,


posted on Aug, 19 2008 @ 11:21 PM
reply to post by muzzleflash

Sorry took me so long to get back at you and thanks for your response.

I believe you are on the right track. As I was saying in the post, the bible is a mirror. That mirror is only meant to be looked at within it's original original structure or you get a distorted picture. In the Hebrew and Greek there is no "tense" unless specifically stated, meaning no past, no future unless stated so, but in English this is not so.

We wouldn't say (not that we couldn't, but it would be unclear) "He is going to the store", for example, because that would give us no understanding of when "He is going to the store". That statement would give us an idea that at some point in time he is going to the store. That time could be present or future so we would need an indicator for "tense". "Going" is constant, so we would then have to define "when" he is going to the store, so we would structure our sentence like, "he will go to the store; he is at the store; or he went to the store". We would need to communicate a tense in order to conduct life, because we have a beginning and an end. This is not so for the languages which the bible is written in.
Everything is happening today, right now, even as this is typed, because with God...time is irrelevant, because creation is constant.

When it speaks in the bible about how in the end "he shall seek to change the dates and times", this is what has happened. Jesus warned us about these things saying, "beware of the scribes and pharisees", yet the wicked scribes, who being paid per character for transcription did not realize that the spirit which gave these words to us left clues that would go unseen by them. This is why certain words were "through translated" for you, such as "Golgatha, being translated The Skull". Have you ever wondered why only key words were translated as such? Another is "Emmanuel", being translated "God with us". This was done to leave a way out, a safe passage, yet that passage is narrow, so you must look for it and not go down the wide road of broad interpretation as prophecy is not open to personal interpretation. English/Latin is a personal language indicating times and places, people and things.

Three languages were posted above the head of Jesus. Hebrew, the white language, Greek the blue language, and Latin the Red/Blood language. This was not done by mistake, but was so shown as past communing with the future in the present, which is the only language God speaks in being true.

We can not see the future, nor have accurate account of the past. It is here and now in which the spirit is moving.

U.S.A. Yoseph, Ussa, issa, Jesus="Self existent is salvation" head of the body
Egypt, eMits-raim, Mariamne, Mary="America". Joseph is in egypt "to this day"
Crown of thorns = Hollywood

"So shall it be AS IN THE DAYS of Noah"


posted on Aug, 19 2008 @ 11:35 PM
reply to post by St Udio

Thank you for your comments.

I will leave you to your interpretation of the word, i can only hope that you will reconsider what you have read in hopes that you will dig deeper in the field. There is a pearl there, but it is not handed to you, just the field where it is buried. Are you willing to sell all that you have made for an interpretation to find that most valuable jewel that is waiting for you?

"if it were possible, even the elect would be fooled", that means 90% of the world stopped digging to lounge in the son, but I promise you, if you keep digging he will honor your heart....peace

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