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Who created God and then who created him and him and him......

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posted on Sep, 29 2008 @ 12:30 PM

I always question the existence of God, ever since I was young and was taught about the universe (i think i was 10). All of the planets and stars and galaxies....its mind boggling and how large and vast the universe is and how insignificant our tiny speck of existence is.

In a way I am a hypocrite. I dont necessarily believe in "God" persay, but in times of worship and prayer, I feel a calming and soothing sensation flow from my head, down my back, to my feet. I have only felt that sensation during times of worship, and never at any other time. So in essence, is it God giving me his grace? or is it a subconcious sensation created out of want to feel "Him".

Its funny b/c last night I fell asleep asking myself the same question, if God created the heavens and the earth and all of the known universe, then who created God...? Could God be some form of life that created a "our universe" in a lab experiment? Could we be held in their "glass sphere" with "them" being beings of enormous proportions that the human mind cant comprehend? Hypothetically, like our universe fitting inside a marble (Men in Black movie reference).

Now, the big bang. Awesome theory, and it does seem to explain the beginning of the Universe, although it does not explain the questions "What brought it into existence?" and "What caused it to explode?" It is stated that the universe was once a "singularity". A small speck of matter smaller than the smallest part of an atom. And then BOOM, everything is created. Matter, planets, stars, life....And the universe is expanding. My question is, if the universe is expanding and eventually collapsing back into a singularity, then has this process repeated itself before? If not, then what created the singularity? If so, then how many times has it repeated itself? Also, with each repeat, could the universe have played out exactly the same? I.E. with every big bang, could there have been a solar system exactly like ours with our little planet with our species and history of the planet??

There are too many questions about creation. Also, there are too many opinions on the subject, being belief and science and a mixture of the two. I dont believe any of those questions will be answered in my lifetime (I'm 22). Although, I would like to know the answers, but the biggest question is, could I comprehend and understand the answers if I was told them?

posted on Sep, 30 2008 @ 07:18 AM
God has a bigger God above him or/and her. Funny isn't it. Infinite is the best way to think of God. But it's hard to picture the infinite.

Then think this way. You are God. But a small God compared to what is out there. When you see planets, stars in the sky, you feel small. This is a sign that there is still much for you to grow and understand.

The more you know and experience the more you become, when does this stop? There is no stop to growth. As you will understand one day, that each new level of understanding brings another challenge. Right now you are a small creator, experiencing your own creation which is life. In a way that is what God does, but at a different level.

Actually its the same thing, all at different levels of awareness. If you create a pancake and eat it, God makes a star, a Universe. But God has a bigger God above him, since the infinite permits infinite growth potential, and there is always someone there bigger than you.

So who created the first God? Well, there is no first or last, that is the issue, they always have been there. Even you. The infinite is not constraint by time or space. That is why there is no right or wrong, a winner or a loser, these are relative things in the infinite.

Any creation IMO places limits in the infinite, so this world, all that you see are nothing but limits in the infinite potential of becoming. What we all try to do here on Earth and in many other places of this world is to go pass the limits and become more.

The first God or rather the only thing that really is, is the inifinite, which has everything in it. Right now you are part of that infinite, you are the infinite in the end, but there is no end. An end would put stop to life and everything beautiful about it.

Creation (puting limits in the infinite) makes us understand the infinite better, and so we create, and create, at different scales and we learn more and more, until infinity. There is no end just change in the infinite.

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