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Matrix and Attica

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posted on Aug, 19 2008 @ 02:30 AM
This kinda breaks away from the 9/11 Neo's Passport when i noticed his birthday being the same as the day that the National guard took back Attica.

Sorry if someone already seen this but his birthday is the same day as the end of Attica riots.

An uprising of prisoners for unfair treatment of a prisoner tortured and isolation for attacking a prison officer. The prisoners released him from his cell on the way to breakfast. After breakfast they were stooped by a new guard that could not control them and was attacked.

Now I'm not saying this was the only reason for the riots they were also in a prison made for 1200 but had over 2450 people in it. Tt was under funded with only enough water for 1 shower a week and 1 roll of toilet paper.

All of this happening under then Governor Nelson Rockefeller. They begged the governor to come and help the people of the prison the 48 civilian and guard hostages. He refused to come many times even tho he was told that the whole place was going to break apart if he didn't come help. The Governor was later told to either come or they would have to use force to take back the yard. He said to go ahead and use force instead of him coming to speak with the inmates.

I'm not trying to say that the matrix tries to connect with the Rockefeller's just a name in history

This is also all my views on what happened and I'm sure that allot of other people feel different about it.

But what we do see in that story is a group of people being controlled and treated less the human and they come to overthrow the evils that are holding them down. They Take control of their little closed in world and come to 28 agreements. The only thing they couldn't agree on was

1. Not being punished into what they felt they were pushed to do.

2. Change the person who was in control and treating them unfairly.

They had come to almost a total agreement but the Governor would rather kill them then try and speak it out.

Could the matrix be Attica? Sorry if I am crazy.

Edit to capitalize M in my subject and spelling.

[edit on 19-8-2008 by Lophorus]

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