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TA-THREATS: Terror Attack On London Unavoidable

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posted on Mar, 16 2004 @ 05:14 PM
London's Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir John Stevens says that a terror attack on the British capital of London is inevitable. In a press conference today he said the London faced a “very real threat”. After the serious comments, he said that people should carry on as normal, but to watch for and report anything suspicious. Ken Livingstone, the Mayor of London, said it would be "miraculous" if the capital escaped attack. No specific threat has been mentioned, but extra effort is being put into securing the Tube (London’s mass transit).
The London police commissioner says a terror attack in the British capital is inevitable. London's Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir John Stevens says Britain's security services are working harder than ever trying to foil possible attacks. Speaking at a news conference, he urged the public to be vigilant and report anything considered suspicious, such as unattended bags on trains.
"It is right to say that the anti-terrorist branch, together with M-I5 [domestic intelligence] is probably the most successful counter-terrorist organization the world has seen in the last 32 years," he said. "However, we face a real and very real threat, in terms of what we are facing today. But it is absolutely essential that everybody continues to go about their daily business."

So far it seems that the Tube is the main focus of the heightened security. Part of the extra security on the Tube is due to the recent attack in Madrid, Spain that killed over 200. Extra policemen and plainclothes offices were stationed around London in record numbers, and for the first time counter-terrorist police were stationed in key places. A new poster campaign ask passengers "Who owns this bag?" and urges them to report any suspicious activity immediately. Other areas mentioned for possible attacks were, pubs, buses, and night clubs.

Many European countries have stepped up security in train stations, airports, and other key areas since last week’s bombing. The European Union is scheduled to have a special security meeting this Friday to address concerns and issues that have come up after the Madrid bombing. The meeting is expected to focus on intelligence sharing between member countries.

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