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Dick Cheney's Criminal Feats

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posted on Aug, 16 2008 @ 12:43 PM
I know most of this has probably been posted on the forums before individually in the past. But in case someone has forgot some of these old news here's a compilation of them. I thought it would be a good overview to see many of these "classics" in a single spot.

Dick Cheney in the news:

Cheney had Iraq in sights two years before the war

Iran: Cheney considered a false-flag attack on Navy Seals EDIT: Sorry didn't realize this item had been pulled down. Here's a backup of original news article and associated footage.

Dick Cheney's wisdom:

Dick Cheney on the question of Iraq occupation in 1994

Dick Cheney's political alignment:

Meet the real boss: Rockefeller & Co.

Dick Cheney commentaries:

Jesse Ventura calls out Dick Cheney

Dennis Kucinich on Dick Cheney impeachment (2)

And let's not forget, there's much, much more to add to this...

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