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Attack this meal (eating reality edition)

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posted on Aug, 16 2008 @ 12:31 PM
If you were hungry, how would you take on this meal below in real life?--What order would you take it on in eating it/drinking it? Any of it you wouldnt eat/drink?

The meal:

1 8 ounce glass of your favorit ice tea
1 shot glass of hennessy
1 small slice of your favorit pie or cake
1 cut open biscuit with your favorite jelly in it
2 BBQ ribs of your favorit kind
2 fried chicken drumettes baked in BBQ
2 fried shimps with shirmp soauce
1 slice of honeydew melon
Side of a small portion of mac n cheese
Side of of small portion of cold slaw
Side of french fries with your choice of BBQ, Ketchup, Pepper, and/or Salt


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